Our logo symbolizes both the positive and energetic youth, as well as our message of world peace.




I is expressed as a flower blossoming, symbolizing the vulnerable and most beautiful stage of life, ones youth! As a flower begins to bloom, it is only the start of a long, progressive and fruitful life, our youthful years are the times when we set out on this journey — it should be celebrated and protected, but today the lives of youth are cut short by the tragedies of war.


P stands for 'Peace', which is the ultimate goal and purpose of IPYG - World Peace!


Y (represented as a person standing victoriously) symbolizes the youth declaring peace across the world. The victorious stance reminds us that our message will bring about change! We will not grow weary or give up but will continue to live our lives according to the peaceful message we proclaim. The day will come when the world's youth are united and every person will live in freedom and peace.


G containing the globe stands for the hearts of the youth and our dream for peace. The hearts of the affiliates of IPYG are big enough to hold the whole world within them, they are hearts that focus not on their own benefit and selfish gain, but on the importance of caring for humanity and regarding all life as precious. Our globe will experience peace through the work of IPYG.