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Moving Forward together for peace

MAR 2017

The peace of light shines to the Black Town

On the 19th of February 2017 in Blacktown, Sydney, a peace event called “Harmony Walk” was held by the organization, Moving Forward Together and various other peace organizations including IPYG & IWPG who participated with the support of Blacktown Council. This event was well organized with many peace organizations participating, and was also carried out successfully through the cooperation of the citizens.

Diverse peace activities were held by different peace organizations and through this event we witnessed the passion for the achievement of peace in Australia.

In this event, IPYG and IWPG prepared an activity for hand printing to show the hope that peace will truly come. Ray Williams (NSW Minister of Multiculturalism) and Moningder Singh (Blacktown City Council) also participated in the hand printing for true peace. Ray Williams said,” what a great idea this is, it’s beautiful and represents Australia and the multiculturalism very well! Good Luck! “What makes this activity more meaningful is that many people participated with one heart for peace. The diverse hand colours on the map represents the multicultural aspect of Australia and the handshake image represents a hope for harmony.

The peace signing campaign for the DPCW was held in the same place. The citizens listened to the explanation of the DPCW carefully and they agreed to support for DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War).

Moreover, the staff of IPYG from the various countries of the world volunteered for the event and their beautiful smile and service made the participants happy. The members of IPYG have been making great efforts to bring world peace to the global. One of the IPYG member said, “I believe that if we put our hearts together for peace, we can definitely make it happen in our generation. So I’m glad to participate in this event and volunteer for the community. I hope the light of peace is always present in Blacktown.

This kind of peace event will be continuously held to guide the community to communicate and deliver the peace message into people’s heart.


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