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Arabian Jewel’ Morocco, opens the chapter of harmony for the IPYG peace activity

FEB 2017

IPYG Meeting in Morocco for making world peace a reality

Morocco, located in north-west Africa, has approximately a thousand-year history and that is called the ‘Arabian Jewel’. Morocco is well known for being a peaceful country, even in the region of Africa. On February 12th, HWPL representatives and IPYG members got together at the office of ‘International Observatory for Media and Parallel Diplomacy’ in Casablanca to discuss the exact direction of activities for peace and understanding the DPCW.

Through this meeting, the representatives, as members of HWPL and IPYG, formed solid friendships with the community. They heard the details of what happened at the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit with the help of Mr. Mustapha Lamrani, the Chairman of Madinati Larache Association, and Mr. Zakariae Ben Cheikh, the Education Activate of Nosom Association. In particular, since Mr. Lamrani had a distinct understanding of the DPCW, he explained it to the other members so they would understand. Also, they talked about how this DPCW can be applied to Morocco. After they shared the vision and goal for peace activities of HWPL and IPYG, they promised to proceed to the second meeting in the near future for planning activities related to said vision and goal.

Furthermore, they agreed to introduce HWPL and IPYG to more organizations in Morocco, and have regular gatherings to discuss peace activities in Morocco based on the DPCW. Finally, they decided to achieve peaceful results and spread positive news to other countries to fulfill world peace. 

There are about 20 IPYG-affiliated organizations in Morocco. Even though those organizations aren’t always together, we believe there will be more active discussions for peace.


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