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To Family of Peace

JAN 2017


To Family of Peace

The New Year 2017 has begun, and the IPYG members around the world are stepping up their peace activities. HWPL Chairman Lee sent a message of peace, along with warm greetings for the New Year 2017, to the members who are working tirelessly for world peace in their respective countries. After receiving Chairman Lee’s message, the IPYG members have sent their replies. Here is a message from Benjamin, a teacher of the Forum for Congolese Refugee Students who has volunteered to interpret English into Kinyarwanda at HWPL peace events.


Good Morning,

I am very honored to read your email and card wishing us a Happy New Year.

In fact, we have to rejoice and feel proud of the work we are doing in our everyday peace initiatives. I personally will continue to make a contribution since I am well convinced that peace struggle should not be undertaken by one single person, country or organization. What we are doing will remain a legacy for the future generations and it is the mission that the Creator Himself will reward.

I fail to express my feelings to you, thank you so much for thinking about me. I just want to seize this opportunity to wish all peacemakers the very happy and prosperous New Year.

Please extend my regards and gratitude to the Chairman and tell him and the whole team in South Korea that they have started a very good job and you will never walk alone,

Thank you.



Again in the year 2017, the IPYG will take the initiative in working for peace and happiness of the youth all around the world by carrying out effective peace activities. The IPYG members are firmly convinced that their peace movement will surprise the world once again.




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