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Steps IPYG and HWPL Have Taken Together Towards Peace in 2016

DEC 2016

IPYG and HWPL Become One for Peace

 In 2016, the IPYG has worked with HWPL in building a world of peace. Here are some key events that took place throughout the year.

 At the 2014 World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit, HWPL and political leaders pledged to work towards achieving world peace and cessation of war through international law. After that, the International Law Peace Committee was established in 2015, and finally on 14 March 2016, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was proclaimed. This Declaration is unique in its aim to root out the causes of war and to spread a culture of peace.

After the DPCW was proclaimed, on 25 May, the Peace Walk was held in 105 cities of 52 countries to commemorate the third anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace, and over 300,000 people participated. As stated in the Declaration of World Peace, youth around the world are becoming one with the IPYG. In just three years since the IPYG was founded, the IPYG has gained about 800 affiliate organizations.

Before the fever cooled down, in September, the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit was held. Renowned political leaders, heads of civic groups, women, youth and religious leaders, and journalists gathered in one place to discuss action plans for presenting the DPCW to the United Nations and achieving adoption. The IPYG and youth representatives also held a meeting to discuss effective ways to advocate the DPCW.

 HWPL and the IPYG are actively engaged in peace initiatives. In the year 2017, the IPYG will continue to work with youth all around the world for peace of the global community. 


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