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Atiq Raja

DEC 2017 

I am Atiq Raja, Chairman Pakistan Youth Council-PYC, working with youths on Education awareness, Peace & Life Skills. I have delivered more than 3,000 sessions all over Pakistan & abroad mainly focusing “Peace”.

IPYG is a platform which provided me a family who loves Peace & spreads it all over the world. I had honor to attend the Peace festival in Seoul in September which energized me to do a lot for Peace. We have organized several sessions on Peace with the youth of Schools, Colleges and Universities with the guidance of IPYG and we are planning to complete the target of at least 50 sessions on Peace before September 2018.

Dear IPYG Family Members,

‘Peace be with you & Your families’,

I hope you all be doing great in your personal lives with your families and friends. I am happy here with my family, friends and members of organization who are always working and planning for the mission of Peace & Love. We have organized 9 sessions in last two months with the youth of different cities which were highly admired and appreciated all over. I had the chance to appear in different television interviews where I spoke about the HWPL events in Seoul as well as about you all who made the best event of my life.

I had a chance to meet some of the top politicians and the decision makers where I shared how we are working for Peace and how the wars can be stopped for ever by adopting a global resolution of HWPL.

The meetings with the Universities administration would be bringing great results in coming days where we will have a lot of Peace messengers prepared for the future.

I offer you my services as a Peace Speaker and Trainer for free of cost around the world. I can visit your country and deliver the sessions on peace and provide training to the future Peace leaders.


We all can work hard to make this world a peaceful place for all & I am sure we are trying our best! My best wishes and prayers are with you all my dear friends & Peace.


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