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Megan Moon

DEC 2017 

Empowering the Youth through Humane and Peace Education

Ms. Megan Moon is the president and founder of Humane Education Coalition, a non-profit organization devoted to advancing the field of humane education for the betterment of all living things, including animal, environmental and human rights. She came across IPYG as she was researching for international youth organizations and was quickly amazed at the extensiveness of IPYG’s work and the great number of affiliates we have globally.

Q1.  How did you first become concerned about the issues of the youth and peace?

A1: We believe peace education is a fundamental human right, and peace education is a primary sector of HEC. Although people may associate "Humane Education" as just animal rights, it's more than that. Humane Education involves creating a more just and compassionate world for people, animals and the environment. Therefore, humane education includes empowering the youth and peace education is part of that.


Q2. In your opinion, what is the greatest social challenge faced by the youth in your country?

A2: Lack of access to tools--reliable tools also--for youth to make impactful decisions. We have many passionate and enthusiastic youth, but the youth often are underestimated (we make assumptions that youth are already being educated in schools and will learn the things they need to in class, and/or we assume through just growing up, they will become aware/educated). But that's not true, which is why this coalition is about delivering the humane education they need.


Q3. What kind of youth activities have you done with your organization or by yourself? Have there been any changes to the youth related activities which you undertake? If so, what is it?

A3: Currently, we are in the beginning stages of meeting with other agencies and connecting with them still. We've spoken with 175 orgs in 35 countries already. There are organizations that we work with who want to deliver education to the youth, but we need more representation of youth in general, which is why we reached out to IPYG. We have recently partnered with "Youth for the Voiceless", a starting / new organization that is run mainly by youth.


Q4. Why is peace work needed not only for America but for the world?

A4: It doesn't make sense that many organizations work independently with difficulties when there are so many opportunities to collaborate and support each other. We hope to see organizations globally work together to accomplish a bigger impact more efficiently as humane education is not only for America.


Q5. How would it be effective to empower the youth and create awareness in America with IPYG?

A5: We need to empower the youth by delivering the peace education they need. But to deliver education to youth requires a lot of steps, which is why a collaboration with agencies like IPYG is needed. Through HEC, we can offer the grant money, agency connections, and the tools and resources other agencies have already developed to make IPYG's objectives possible.


Megan clearly sees how the promotion of peace education aligns closely with her organization's mission to deliver humane education. She invites IPYG to be not only an affiliate of HEC, but also a partner in the strategic planning committee of HEC to unite the different non-profits in the world to deliver much needed peace education. She also offers IPYG the benefits of being a member of HEC, which includes offering grant money for our projects, free public relations, and free professional consulting from HEC's leadership committee.


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