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“Youth should be the center of a community delivering the values of harmony and mutual understanding.”

AUG 2017

A letter from a Ukrainian youth leader


The Youth NGO, “Modern Format” in Ukraine, aims to educate youth by developing their skills and ideas with modern thinking, technology and methods to give youth the opportunity to meet their full potential. The main areas of its activities are: democracy and human rights, media; regional development, and CSO support. Below is a message from Zhanna Solovyva Head of the Board of the Youth NGO “Modern Format”.

Maidan, occupation of the Crimea, the war in the East of Ukraine and all the events which took place during the last several years and still go on today, had a significant impact on Ukrainian people and the communities. A great number of forced immigrants from eastern Ukraine and the occupied Crimea have integrated into the society.

Nowadays the problem of cooperation and integration of the displaced people into communities is especially problematic as well as the interaction of people with different cultural, religious, and historical views. The whole Ukrainian society and the communities at the local level should learn how to respect each other and live under conditions of multicultural tolerance.

It’s necessary for community members to learn how to respect each other and to cooperate in spite of cultural, historical, religious and nationality differences. It is important for the displaced people to feel themselves as a part of a community, in which territory they are living in. The community leaders should acknowledge, respect and involve representatives of those “new communities” and different cultures, who will provide lasting benefits for all of us. They have to understand the consequences of their actions and should be socially responsible.

Young people are the most progressive in society; they quickly adapt under new circumstances, accept new information and are best motivated for change inside of their communities. Cultural, religious and political diversity issues are not so problematic for the young representatives of the communities. It is the young people, active members of their communities, who can become the AGENTS able to facilitate understanding within communities, not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

I believe that the active participation of young people in the processes of making decisions at different levels can be the driving force of social change and community development.

Zhanna Solovyva

Youth NGO “Modern Format”

We certainly realize once more the importance of the role of youth in society by indirectly experiencing the reality in Ukraine. By working together with Modern Format team, IPYG hopes to encourage Ukrainian youth more and more to be the messengers of peace.

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