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We Are One through Peace Relay Greetings

AUG 2017

IPYG Peace Family Transcends Borderlines, Race, and Religion to Spread the Message of Peace to the World


The IPYG started the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ with the goal of answering the question of how peace could be delivered to distant countries worldwide. In May 2017, the Horus Foundation for Development and Training in Egypt was the first organization to participate, and this campaign is currently active in approximately 20 countries.


May 2017, Egypt, Morocco, Horus Foundation for Development and Training

June 2017, Egypt, Lebanon, Ensan Aid Foundation 

Peace messages were sent from Egypt to Morocco and Lebanon, and from Colombia to Morocco. These peace messages were delivered to the organizations working alongside the IPYG in Morocco and Lebanon, and additional messages are now being prepared to be sent to different countries.


May 2017, the IPYG in Korea - May 2017, Colombia, Fundacion Colombia Joven - June 2017 Australia, Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development international  - June 2017, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Future Hope  - July 2016 Syria, Al Jazour Society Training

Throughout May, June, and July of 2017, peace messages were delivered utilizing this relay method.


Mr. Tharwat Gaid Salama, the President of the Horus Foundation for Development and Training, was the first to participate in this campaign and remarked, “This is a simple but unforgettable method to be able to send a heartfelt message of peace to Morocco. I am very glad for the opportunity to participate in IPYG’s campaign, and I look forward to the many peace activities that we will do with the IPYG”.

Through IPYG’s ‘We Love Relay Campaign’, it became possible to deliver the message of peace to VIPs of different countries and develop a network with various peace organizations. Furthermore, two workshops focusing on youth independence and DPCW support were started through this campaign. This resulted in the gathering of approximately 1,000 signatures for the support of DPCW within three months.

The IPYG successfully conveyed the heart of peace to youth in different countries through the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ and demonstrated that spreading the culture of peace internationally is possible if we gather our efforts together as one. Furthermore, the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ allowed youth around the world the opportunity to learn about and understand each other although having never met. 


In each of the 20 countries participating in the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’, the youth are actively joining and supporting this movement. To further publicize the work of peace to the entire world, the IPYG plans to gather photos with peace messages for a campaign video.

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