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“Alone we can walk fast, together we can go far”

AUG 2017

Making the future as a playground with no discrimination, racism or any kind of violence

but only with happiness and friendship


Global Playground Stockholm is a non-governmental organization in Sweden aiming to promote sustainable development both locally and internationally by working with different countries around the world. It has conducted various projects to engage youth in social issues and empower their voice and rights in Swede community. Below is the interview with Aleh Kliatsko, president of the Global Playground Stockholm.


Q1. How did you first become concerned about the issues of the youth and peace?

In 2012, I established the NGO Global Playground Stockholm (GP) and became aware about the issues of environment, sustainability and youth participation in the democratic process of development. I have been working as a project manager at GP since December 2012, where I am responsible for communications, project management, training, event coordination, and funding.


Q2. In your opinion, what is the greatest social challenge faced by the youth in your country?

In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges related to youth in Sweden is to engage young people in society's various issues. The young people are the future generation that will eventually become decision makers or community builders. Global Playground’s vision is to create sustainability by combining science, art and creativity. By thinking globally and acting locally, we could achieve long-term sustainable development with more youth participation in this process.


Q3. What kind of youth activities have you done with your organization or by yourself? Have there been any changes to the youth related activities which you undertake? If so, what are they?

We run projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Spain, Kenya, Turkey and Moldova. We developed and organized more than 50 successful conferences and events for youth interested in sustainability issues. We coordinated three awareness campaigns in Sweden, Kenya and Turkey on different fields of Sustainability and gained significant social media coverage.


Q4. Why is peace work needed not only for Sweden but for the world?

Global Playground’s vision is a planet which is a playground for us and our kids. This playground has no racism or any kind of violence or discrimination. It is only happiness, friendship and cooperation for the sake of a green and clean future with fresh air and clean water. The “Playground” allows stakeholders to participate and shape their better future.


Q5. How would it be effective to empower the youth and create awareness in Sweden with IPYG?

Sustainable development means a development that links the environment with the social and economic aspects. In order to achieve sustainable development, a change of today's societies is required. By pushing the individual in the right direction, we change and achieve long-term sustainable development and open up for new opportunities and cooperation.


Q6. Please share any encouraging words to the peace family of IPYG.

My participation in the forum will focus on receiving information, creating new contacts with different organizations to find potential partners for future projects. Alone we can walk fast, together we can go far.


It is motivating to hear the story of Swedish youth and IPYG is glad to find out that our groups share many of the same goals in the pursuit of peace. We are expecting to work together with the Global Playground Stockholm team and achieve our goals together in the near future!


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