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The unstoppable aspiration for peace - the youth takes the lead

AUG 2017

For about a month, before the 2017 presidential election, political tensions have been rising in Kenya. However, despite the tensions, the aspiration for peace from the youth in Kenya was still moving.


Since 2014, Mathias Osimbo, an in-country representative for the Teachers Without Borders-Kenya, agreed to work together with HWPL to achieve world peace through international law. This year, he has launched another peace walk, following the 'the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk’ that was initiated in 2016 5.25, to promote the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) with Lavington United Church as the starting point. This event was co-hosted by Lavington United Church and the Maestros Leadership Team.


The event was split into 2 parts.


The first half began with a speech by Mathias Osimbo and Mr. Claude Saula, the national coordinator of the Maestros Leadership Team, fostering the need for world peace.

Before the walk began, a time of silence was paid in tribute to the lives sacrificed for Kenya. Afterwards, the peace walk commenced while the Kenyan national anthem and other peace-related songs played in the background. Although the peace walk was not promoted within the community prior to the event, a total of 65 in youths joined the peace walk and the street community was in passionate jubilee during the event.

The Maestros Leadership Team, who attended the peace walk for the first time, participated while holding posters informing the different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN. These SDG posters were prepared by volunteers, resulting in the whole event to be a time when the community gladly engaged in the advancement of peace together.

Ms. Mercy Julia Obukwa, the art teacher at Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools, shared that the most memorable experience was participating and shouting for peace alongside the youth during the peace walk. Furthermore, she determined to integrate peace with art and continue to pursue the ongoing peace education practiced in HWPL.

As the host of the event, Mathias Osimbo expressed his gratitude towards Lavington United church for providing a location despite the short notice. He shared that it was rewarding to carry out the peace walk alongside the youth.

After the peace walk, the IPYG and the Maestros Leadership Team promised to further discuss in regards to future cooperation between the two groups. Furthermore, the teachers, Ms. Mercy Julia Obukwa and Mr. Mathias Osimbo, expressed their willingness to contribute to this work of educating the value of peace to the youth in Kenya.

From the result of this event, we expect to continuously see the work of peace here, in Kenya.

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