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Yemen youth’s earnest desire for peace contained in pictures

AUG 2017

Yemen is currently facing many crises due to their ongoing conflicts, including the recent cholera outbreak. Although these dire conditions make active peace activities seem out of the question, Improve Your Society still hosted the Piece of PEACE workshop. This event took place on August 2nd 2017 in the city of Taiz at the Hall of Experts Organization. About thirty-five people attended, including leaders of youth organizations, clergies, and members of civil society groups. 

This workshop covered the following topics in order: Introduction of the Contents of the DPCW, Education Regarding the DPCW Articles Required in Yemen, and a picture drawing time.

HWPL and the IPYG introduced each article stated in the declaration. All these articles are applicable to Yemen’s crises, and present a more practical and legal approach to achieving peace. Afterwards, the participants were given a time to draw out pictures of the 10 articles. The attendees referred to the current situation in Yemen and recognized that the contents of the DPCW are necessary to achieve world peace and the cessation of war. There was a strong desire to put the DPCW into action throughout Yemen.

After watching the videos introducing HWPL and the DPCW, the youth participants expressed their eagerness for the chairman of HWPL to help end the war in Yemen and promised to urge the decision makers of their country to reflect upon the contents of the declaration. One of the participants shared that the article that is most needed in Yemen is Article 10: Spread a Culture of Peace.

Despite difficult conditions that challenge the call for peace, this workshop drew a fervent desire for the realization of peace from the citizens of Yemen, who became united under the name of peace.


HWPL and the IPYG will continue to promote the law of peace to even more citizens of Yemen through additional DPCW education and article picture drawing events in the future. Working together with mural artists, the pictures collected through the events will be used in peace wall painting projects within Yemen.

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