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AUG 2017

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At night, an IPYG staff who was present as the Korean Youth Representative hosted the “Korea Edition” of Culture Night. The host introduced the Republic of Korea as a nation of peace with a great vision, passion, and magnanimity while sharing the meaning of peace concealed within Korean history with the attendees. Everyone was actively engaged during quiz time and it proved to be a special opportunity for the European youth to learn about Korean culture, which was foreign to them.


On Day 3, “The IPYG Youth Empowerment Workshop” took place. First the young participants debated on the memory of not being respected and what ethnicity means to them. The young passionately took part in the debate to the point that there was not enough time. The participants shared about the discrimination and difficulty experienced by the youth of each nation and reflected on the value of one another.


After, the participants discussed about the topic of “Diversity of Ethnicities” and the social and governmental conflicts created from the differences and what the youth can do in order to resolve them. After the debate took place, team presentations where they were able to gain the historical background on why the conflicts begun in each nation; marking the beginning of the youth working together to resolve conflicts.




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