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Child Rights Activist from ECPAT Indonesia

JUN 2017

"Selamat Pag. My name is Annisa Fitri Noviana. I am a Child Rights Activist from ECPAT Indonesia. I attended the peace summit last year in South Korea organized by HWPL. Since 2015 I was also appointed as a Publicity Ambassador of HWPL and have done many peace works in Indonesia together with HWPL.

I am honored to give a congratulatory message for the 4th commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace. I appreciate all the activities and movements of HWPL, especially Chairman Lee’s effort to make a world of peace. Indonesia has so many islands and cultures as we have 34 provinces. We’ve gone [through] so many hardships such as war and conflict in past years. Nowadays, our country is still experiencing many troubles caused by conflict, radicalism, terrorism, etc. Children and young people are dying because of this. We really appreciate and support the activities and efforts of HWPL in relation to peacebuilding and cessation of war in this world. I wish that the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) established by HWPL continues to be advocated worldwide and developed into a legally binding document.

Myself as a Publicity Ambassador of HWPL, I will also do my best to participate and also support the activities of HWPL in relation to the promotion of peace and cessation of war in Indonesia. I wish that HWPL will keep on good track with peace work, and success to achieve world peace."

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