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Lets re-gain the lost rights and peace through supporting the DPCW

JUN 2017

The voice of the young adults for peace

In the midst of the ongoing wars in many Arab nations today, University Organizations of Human Development (OU-DH) and the International Peace Youth Group co-hosted the 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk in the hope of bringing back the lost rights and peace to the families of the Arab nations. Oussama Jeljeli, the publicity ambassador of HWPL and President of OU-DH said, "peace will be achieved absolutely, and I believe that the youth must come together to run for this work".

The Peace Walk was held on May 25th, 2017, at Bab el bhar, also called ‘the place of victory’, in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia with the purpose of gaining back peace and justice. More than 150 people and 12 organizations took part in the event, including National Organization for Tunisian Childhood, World Union of Human and Self Development' Technologies, Tunisian Center for Voluntary Work of the province of Tunis and the region, Sectoral Center for Training in Electricity and Maintenance of Biomedical Equipments of Tunisia, Tourathouna (our legacy) Organization, Tunisian Women of Tunisia, General Tunisian Union of Students, Tunisian Scout, Jasmine Foundation, and International Committee of the Red Cross.


For the first order of the event, the leaders of participant groups have shared a time of speech on their thoughts and the necessity in peace. Faten Mtiraoui, the representative of the Regional Committee of the Red Cross in Tunisia enlightened the value of the DPCW and the significance of the young adults in the work of testifying to the peace culture, "We hope that such initiative, to spread peace culture, to be everywhere such as or even better than the International Committee of the Red Cross. But, unfortunately wars still exist, so we ought to protect and support victims of the armed conflicts and to spread the DPCW; we have to continue our humanitarian steps towards achieving the world peace independently and fairly."

After the peace march, there was a time of discussion on what kind of effort to be invested to achieve peace along with what kind of work must take part in. The questions on why we need peace and whether one will participate in the urge of the enactment of international law campaign or not were asked to each other, and furthermore, it was a time of motivation for the youths as they took the opportunity to conceive and exchange their suggestions.

Lastly, the palm prints were branded on Tunisia's flag hoping for the true peace, and the youths voluntarily notified the citizens regarding the Legislate Peace Campaign, and finished the event with a lot more people joining the campaign. 

The participant leaders and members have expressed that such peace work needs to be continued in Tunisia and showed their desire to progressively work with the IPYG for the true world peace to be accomplished. 

Also, they have promised to hold another peace walk event with even more young adults gathered on the 25th of May next year. It was an event that allowed us to be aware that the young adults must become the peace advocates to proclaim peace in the front line, in order to cease all wars occurring in the world and to achieve peace.

Now, we expect the young adults of Tunisia to become one and gather hearts through many more upcoming peace works to bring peace slowly.

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