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Shouting for Peace in Central Juba

JUN 2017

Wave of Peace Sweeps Over Juba, South Sudan

On May 25th, the day when the whole world shouts for peace, South Sudan also took part in celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace by hosting a peace walk at the KAPUKI high school located in Juba.

This day was particularly special because the youth, who can be called the stars of this day, gathered from over ten different schools in Juba to commemorate the event. Including local citizens and the general public, about five thousand people celebrated this event together on this day. Comprised of songs, dances, plays, and peace performances prepared by students of each school, the event was a bright festivity. While the event was scheduled to last from 10AM to 12PM, the event was extended to 2PM due to the fervent support of the students and people- with many commenting that they would like to see more events like this being hosted regularly. This particular peace walk commemorating the 4th Anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace was unlike any other peace walk events hosted in South Sudan in the past; which reinforced the mindset behind the DWP by bringing together students from over ten different schools.

Through the DWP from HWPL, the students in attendance were able to recognize the value of peace and the role of young adults in achieving peace, as well as the importance of autonomously making their voices heard in order to achieve peace.

Especially for this day, students from each school voluntarily prepared songs, dances, and plays with the message of peace days leading up to the event. Those in attendance of the event on this day stated it was a time truly overflowing with peace which they were able to enjoy with a joyful heart.

During an interview, a staff member who partook in every step in preparation of the event shared with the crowd about the role and the duty of young adults. His message lit fire in the hearts of the students when he stated, “As the decision-makers who have the power to create a peaceful future, let’s each become a messenger of peace in order to achieve our dream of peace so that we can recount to our descendants about how the nation of South Sudan who was in middle of a war became a nation of peace.”

However the highlight of the event was undoubtedly when the messages of peace from about 500 students and civilians were delivered to the UN refugee camp. The students and civilians who attended the event wrote messages with words of comfort and hope for peace, in effort of communicating hope to people of the refugee camp who have lost their families and homes to war.

When asked the question about how challenging it had been to prepare everything for the event on-site without any support, Immanuel, who hosted this peace walk following the South Sudan Peace Concert in Juba past February answered that he does not desire any compensation. Immanuel also stated that if he were to be given any reward for his efforts and sacrifices, it would be for peace to be achieved. He also shared his determination to not stop here, but to continually work towards peace alongside the IPYG with the WARP Summit scheduled to take place in South Korea in coming September as well as the Peace Concert scheduled for November in South Sudan.

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