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Peace walk & Peace Harmony Discussion in Bangladesh

JUN 2017

Plant the peace values with HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee in Bangladesh

The dean of Shamsul Hoque Khan School and College in Bangladesh, Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah, who is also a publicity ambassador for HWPL and the head of the Peace Advocacy Committee, is striving to educate the students about the mindset of peace.

He has already been recognized for his works in many peace movements including the development of the DPCW into an international legally binding law and various IPYG education seminars to teach the students of the culture of peace. This year, as we welcome the 4th anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace, he joined the IPYG together with many students in the peace march and peace discussions to promote peace. This event proceeded in two parts: the peace walk and the peace discussion. In order to make this event a meaningful one, the IPYG and Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah began to plan for the event about a month in prior, meeting 5 times to discuss on the peace topic and the event programs. The HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee members joined held two preliminary meetings as well.

In the first part of the event, during the peace walk, the teachers at Shamsul Hoque Khan School and College and the members of Digonto, a youth organization, made about 2,000 peace posters, 100 pickets, and 4 banners that represent the students’ desire for peace. In response to their effort, the students marched on to convey the message of peace to the whole world.

Although it was over 35 searing degrees Celsius, 3,000 students from Shamsul Hoque Khan School and College and its 6 other affiliated schools, members from 5 NGOs (Digonto Foundation, AKM Foundation, Bangladesh Manobadhikar Foundation, SHKSC Ex SCOUT FORUM, Bangladesh Teachers Association), and students from Dhaka University and Jogonnath University all gathered for the peace walk with peace as their common goal and to spread the message of peace to their community.

The second part of the event was the peace discussion, in which 300 college students and 100 faculty members joined to discuss about the direction of peace that the students want and practical solutions to achieve peace. Unlike a lecture in which information is simply delivered from one party to another, the event was held more in a free discussion manner in which the students also had their input in educating fellow members about peace.

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah who oversaw this event expressed his joy in that this event helped many to understand the value of peace in their everyday lives and helped to spread the message of peace all throughout Bangladesh. Furthermore, he shared his determination to work even harder to help the students to understand how important and valuable it is to make peace and maintain it. Ismail Hossain Zabad, the head of Digonto, said that it felt like he was truly walking on a path of peace during the peace march. The reason for success, according to Zabad, was the participation from various social strata and the united action from the students. Leading a Digonto which mainly consists of youth members, Zabad explained that the youth population is influential in maintaining peace and therefore promised to continue to work closely with the IPYG and HWPL.

With the help of Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah and the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee members of Bangladesh, these students who are equipped with the mindset of peace will be at the forefront of bringing waves of peace to Bangladesh and they will further strive to work with IPYG to spread the mindset and culture of peace to many more students.

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