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The call for peace starting in Belmore Park in Sydney, Australia

JUN 2017

The light of peace starting from Australia shining on the entire world

The 4th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk was hosted by the IPYG on May 28th in Belmore Park in Sydney, Australia. This event was the IPYG’s representative event commemorating the proclamation of the Declaration of World Peace in 2013, held by the headquarters of the IPYG in South Korea with branches all over the world. Combined with the desire for peace by the citizens of Australia, people from all social classes gather every year from 2014 for this event.

Australia is a multi-cultural country with people from various origins, religions, cultures, and races live together, and there are conflicts based on racial and religious discrimination. With the purpose of preventing violent extremism, a campaign called “#HIRA Project (Have I Received All?)” was conducted, which reminded people the question of, “Am I being discriminated from the rights I deserve? Or am I discriminating others from the rights they deserve?”

For the awareness of the importance of peace activities, Ruth Shane of New South Wales Buddhist Committee,  Director of Corporate Relations Asuzy Tozo of Sydney Scientology Church, radio host Andrea Nelville of Curie, 100.9FM 2 BACR radio host Marilie, Blacktown Councilor Linda Santos, and other social, religious, and media representatives attending the event. About 60 young adults and citizens walked along Belmore Park with the hope of world peace.

HWPL Publicity Ambassador Marilie Bomediano said, “I believe that we, as global and multicultural citizens, don't really have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. But small actions like IPYG’s Relay Peace Walk can lead to ceasing all wars and collecting millions of signatures for ‘Legislate Peace Campaign’ for the DPCW that will transform this mundane world quickly,” and also said, “The global Peace Walk Relay will bring all global leaders to a strong unity through Chairman Man Hee Lee’s message described in Articles 8 through 10 in the DPCW, as the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War is taken up to the UN Charter.”

Having participated in different kinds of booths such as face painting, writing peace messages, and peace folk dancing, these citizens were curious as to how often this event took place and expressed their interest in attending this event, which was a place of unity that gathered the community as one.

Beyond Sydney and Australia, this event provided the chance for all to share the heart of wanting to fulfill peace all over the world one day sooner, and also promising in the support of IPYG's activities and vision. In addition to this event, Australia has sought to make Australia a peaceful nation by searching for peace solution programs through its Peace Builders Forum, which was held three times. Also, 'I am a Peace Keeper,' a peace education campaign of IPYG, will be carried out in Sydney this upcoming June (or July) for the purpose of implementing the value of peace as well as bringing awareness to the fact that everyone must take the lead in this campaign for peace.

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