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Commencing forth from Washington DC and Los Angeles (the city of angels), the call for peace is spreading all over America

JUN 2017

Youthful Spirit to Prevent Violent Extremism


On May 20, 2017, the youths of major cities throughout the United States conducted a pre-event [Declaration of World Peace 4-Year Anniversary, Cessation of War Peace Walk]. The theme of this 4-year anniversary event was ‘Talk & Walk to Prevent Violent Extremism.’

In the United States where the headquarters of the UN have been established for peace and security for all families, civil society organizations and young adults are actively promoting DPCW of HWPL in order for the DPCW to be developed into an international legally binding document.

With Washington DC and Los Angeles being the starting points, about 1000 people from seven regions (including San Francisco, Seattle, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon) demonstrated being one in heart for peace in this Declaration of World Peace 4-Year Anniversary event.


In Los Angeles, a scene of earnest aspiration for peace was displayed through participants who chorused in unison, “Help Us Achieve Peace!”, “That’s What We Are Here For! Peace!” Even drivers who passed by honked their horns cheerfully in support, as if they were waiting for this parade of peace.

In order for this wave of peace to spread even farther, Mata advertised this fulfillment for peace event everywhere he could, even uploading it regularly on Facebook. He urged for the active participation of civil society organizations for the development of the DPCW into an international legally binding law. Additionally, Mata even expressed his own passion regarding his own participation.

For citizens to participate easily in peace activities in Westchester Lagoon Park in Anchorage, Alaska, various culture experience booths such as taking photos with Korean and Alaskan Native American dolls, tasting Korean cuisine, face painting, and posting messages of peace on the map of Alaska were held.


Citizens of Alaska participating in peace walk event

At the Red Square in University of Washington, Seattle, an ‘Understanding Extremism’ booth was set up to discuss participants’ beliefs and values, which proved to be an opportunity for participants to understand the kind of actions that result from their beliefs. As a result, participants were able to realize the necessity of transformation of thought through dialogue and communication in order for a respected peaceful future that values coexistence to fulfill.


Citizens participating in the 'Understanding Extremism' booth

Participants gathered in celebration of the 4-year anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace in Washington D.C., the capital city of the United States. The participants carried out this peace walk in front of the Capitol Building and its district with handmade peace signs. Participant T'Chaka Sapp, Constituent Servicer for Ward 8 Washington, DC, Deputy Director, expressed his gratitude for being invited to this event, and heavily emphasized the importance of peace in the community that he is in. As a former gang member, who worked on gang conflict resolution, he felt more connected with the work we are going to do and have done. As a personnel who has had previous experience in this type of work, T'Chaka Sapp stated that he has many expectations regarding this peace work, and is happy to be working together with HWPL and IPYG, who are working to resolve the root cause of war.

The Peace Walks for the 4th Anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace that were hosted in various parts of the United States serve as the evidence that the American society desires to take part in the hopeful waves of peace, as it also yearns to ban wars and armed conflicts that threaten to achievement of world peace and cessation of war, which is the wish of all humanity.

Today in 2017, as the Declaration of World Peace that was proclaimed in 2013 is spreading out to the whole world, many are paying great attention to the American youth in the United States where the UN headquarters is in moving forward to achieve world peace.


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