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Oman IPYG Promoting Video

DEC 2016

Oman IPYG Promoting Video Made by Sultan Khalfan Al Abdali


 Mr. Sultan Khalfan Al Abdali is the founder and CEO of Target Photography Studios. He is a great man who contacted us personally after watching the 'Arirang' video clip online. He loves Korean cultures, especially Taekwondo which he has been learning for more than 10 years. Furthermore, he has been learning the Korean language as well as how to use chopstick since he participated in the 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP summit in September, 2016.  Although he usually says that his circumstances are not good enough to support us well, we truly believe that he is a reliable cooperator who loves Korea as much as Oman.

1. Could you introduce what peace activities you have done so far?

I haven’t had many opportunities to work for peace projects but I have participate in many humanitarian events such as cleaning the beaches, helping the poor, bringing smiles to the workers that take care of our country. After attending the WARP summit in September 2016, I made an IPYG promotional video with dearest heart for peace.

2. What kind of country is Oman? How do the youth in Oman define peace?

Oman is a Muslim, Arabic country in the Middle East. The youth in Oman care so much about world peace and believe that we can achieve peace by respecting others’ opinions.

3. What role can the youth play in achieving peace?

I think it’s very important to gather the youth from all around the world to one large event and provide them with the opportunity to sit together and share their opinions and thoughts on how to spread love and respect. This is why I participated in the last WARP Summit. Now I feel as if I have a family in Korea. I hope many youth of the world can participate in these events to communicate and understand each other. I think this experience should be given to many more youth of the world.

4. You recently made a promotional video of IPYG with Omani kids. It has moved many youth of the world and made them work for peace more. What message do you want to spread through this video?

The idea of this video is to tell the world that every human is born with pure heart! As we have seen through the video, all kids have very pure hearts! First of all, did you know that these kids had never met each other before? It was their first time to meet but they smiled so beautifully to each other and became friends in just minutes! We also never told them what to say in the interviews. We just asked them what they would like to do for those kids around the world who are dying from wars and hunger. So the message is “Let’s all think like a child, with a pure heart”.


5. Please let us know what activities you want to do with IPYG in the future.

I don’t really know about all the projects which IPYG is doing so I can’t select one which fit me well. But I have a small idea of what you doing and I think it will help spreading IPYG popularity in Oman and maybe other country as well. In Oman and in all Gulf countries, people use social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. These are so famous and almost every youth in the Gulf countries have all of these social media applications on his or her mobile. So I think it would be great if IPYG convinced each group to create a video of their team and their activities which they did during their staying in Korea and IPYG should open a special page in social media to share all these videos from these various youth.

We hope to get build a stronger friendship between Mr. Sultan and IPYG in 2017 so that numerous youth in Oman may join IPYG.

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Abdul Aziz Noori, a law professor of Kateb University

OCT 2016

Abdul Aziz Noori, a law professor of Kateb University who attended the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, had an interview with a publicity manager of the IPYG on 17 September at Ibis Hotel. Believing that the DPCW is a definite solution for achieving peace in not only his own country but the world, Professor Noori is currently working as a member of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee in Afghanistan, a country that has suffered from many conflicts and needs peace more than any other nation. He collected a letter of support for the DPCW from the president of Kateb University, and held an event at Kateb University where over 1,000 supporting signatures gathered. During this interview, Professor Noori noted that he was greatly impressed by HWPL’s groundbreaking Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War and that he would return to his country and work to change the hearts of people through this declaration and peace education. He also expressed his determination to spread a culture of peace in Afghanistan. 


Q1. Can you introduce your university and activities with IPYG?

I’m Abdul Aziz Noori, I’m a law professor at Kateb University in Kabul, Afghanistan. Kateb University is a private university located in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. It is a well-known university in Afghanistan. We have about 3,500 students and about 600 students in the law department. We have about 20 student volunteers who work with the law faculty for peace. I was introduced to HWPL about six month ago and it is my first time to come to Korea to participate in the peace summit. After I was introduced to IPYG, I tried to continue our activities and we were in contact weekly, sometimes daily. Over the six months we had some tasks with HWPL. Our main activity for the six months was the signing campaign. I, with my colleagues in Kateb University and our students, campaigned in the university and got more than one thousand signatures from the students of Kateb University.


Q2. Do you have any idea what you will do in your country after this Summit?

Of course, my mind is full of ideas. Actually I’m not a politician or a government official, I don’t have an NGO. I’m just working in Kateb University and I really like my job. I think that in the university we have a lot of potential to work with IPYG and HWPL and work for peace. I have especially two ideas that are very important to me.

First is the Peace Academy because we need to change the mind of people. We need to change the culture of people. We need to introduce peace to every student. We need to say to the people that they should compare society with peace and society without peace. I think it is very important for us. Peace academy is a chance for me to have a lot of students and then have them learn about peace and not just saying that peace is good. We can have a lot of deep studies about peace. For example, “What is the main source of conflicts in Afghanistan?” Religious intolerance and legal intolerance are the main cause of conflicts in Afghanistan. We can focus on that and solve the problems of legal intolerance among the religious intolerance in Afghanistan. We can focus on racial discrimination and racial conflicts because Afghanistan has a lot of racial conflicts. So I suppose that we can change the mind of students and a lot of people in society through the Peace Academy. 

Second, I would like to have a relationship with HWPL and create opportunities for students. For example, they can learn from some books about peace from a university in Korea. Other activities could be for students that have good potential. Because they are young they can learn many things, and of course they can participate in the UN for peace. Possibly even some of the students could be the leader of Afghanistan in the future. I’m sure I will see one of our students be tomorrow’s president. They have a lot of potential. We can change their mind through peace, we can do it. If we change their mind through peace, he can do it, she can do it, we can do it. We can share experiences and I’ll try to do these tasks.


Q3. Which article is innovative in the DPCW to you?

All articles are good and I think that the people who wrote it thought about it very much. Self-defense, it's very good. We just say we want a world without any war but sometimes it’s impossible. So every country in this world needs to have self-defense. And the freedom of religion is really good, so interesting to me. I believe that everyone has his idea and his religion. But unfortunately, one of the biggest problems in common society is the freedom of religion.

Overall, I hope that the Signing Campaign can move the Declaration to the UN General Assembly. And all the people and HWPL can manage all the countries. And after that, all the countries can accept it in the General Assembly, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For example, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was accepted with the countries and the legal system of countries has changed based on that. When we can take this to the General Assembly accepted by the nations, their legal system will change. Their political system will also be changed. And it is very good for the future, I’m sure that it will be.


Q4. How can youth keep the law?

I think the future is for the youth. Afghanistan youth don’t have any idea of peace. They don’t know what peace is and they can’t imagine peace. For example, people can respect each other and can go out at midnight and walk along the street and go back home without fear of an explosion. Youth can’t imagine this peaceful lifestyle. I think the role of youth is really important. 


Q5. Can you give youth a peaceful message?

Living in a peaceful world is your right because it is your future. 


IPYG hopes a culture of peace will soon blossom in Afghanistan, which has suffered long from conflicts, and many youth will enjoy peace. 

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Romania, Interview with President of Master Peace Romania

JUL 2016

The Message about Peace and Peace Education from Marian Dragomir, the President of Master Peace Romania
He is Marian Dragomir, the president of Master Peace Ro Association and Expert Trainer at EU-COE Youth Partnership. He said “it is my honor to represent IPYG in Romania.”

Q. What made you cooperate with HWPL and the IPYG?

A. Romania, as you may or may not know, has been under a dictatorship until 1989. After we had some troubled years and we entered the European Union in 2008 which brought us a sense of peace and prosperity. 
Unfortunately, this sense of peace in the last years has been shuttered and, as a representative of Master Peace, I have tried to offer my community some tools to reflect on our role in the world and our sense of peace. 
Thus, I have started to seek some of the best NGOs in the world that work on peace-building activities and, by fortune, I have found IPYG, thus our communication led me to understand that we need to have such a structure present in Romania as a way of ensuring our better understanding what peace is and how we can learn from the past mistakes and may thus create a better future. 
I am a believer that through this collaboration, I can offer my family, my friends and my community, including my country, a better view of what needs to be done to achieve peace. Inner peace can be achieved only when we have exterior peace, and in these troubled times it is important for all of us to start building a real community of people that are dedicated to fostering peace.

Q. I heard that you teach students. As you know, IPYG is complementing peace education with through HWPL’s Peace Education. Could I ask for your opinion on students getting peace education?

A. I think that peace education might be linked with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which calls for the elimination of all forms of both overt and structural violence, and the creation of a society based on the principles of justice and peace. 
Thus, peace education might represent a way in which we might teach the prevention and resolution of all forms of conflict and violence. 
We need to teach peace because we should reflect on the fact that violent behavior does not occur in a vacuum. It is present within the context of the family, peer group, the community and the larger society and thus teaching from early in life what are the principles of peace we might form youngsters that are embracing peace.
We should focus on how youngsters could become aware of the issue (peace and conflict) and how we could transmit knowledge and skills pertaining to the issue of peace that means we should focus in new attitudes and values.

Q. And could I ask for your idea on the contents of peace education and what else could be included?

A. I am a firm believer that peace education should be based in developing a school climate that is based on real models of peaceful behavior in the relationships between all members of the school community: teachers, parents, and children. 
Thus we should teach and should act in accordance to the principles of equality and non-discrimination having in mind all the time the models of peace e-building that already exists in the community. Also, such an endeavor should focus on integrating understanding of peace, human rights, social justice and global issues throughout the curriculum whenever possible. 
All of this might be added in a larger context where the community might become a forum for the explicit discussion of values of peace and social justice. 
Not the least, I think that one of the important things is to use teaching and learning methods that promote participation, cooperation, problem-solving and respect for differences based on non-formal methodology.

Q. Do you have any words that you want to say to people in the field of schools and education of the world?

A. I would like to reaffirm that peace is a fundamental condition in the realization of the fundamental human rights. Such a curriculum might be based on international laws like the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and thus, we can implement legitimate peace education.
We must encourage children to understand the impact of rights on violations at home and abroad. We also let children develop empathy and solidarity to those whose rights have been denied. All of this should lead to the development of skills that will enable future adults to act in ways that uphold and promote rights, both themselves and others.


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Peace Messenger in Timor-Leste

JUL 2016

Peace Messenger in Timor-Leste
"KulturaLalehan, Dame baMundo no RestaurasaunbaNaroman"
When I explain HWPL in my language most people would shake their heads showing that they agree and understand the meaning of the organization.

IPYG met Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay from Timor-Leste who has gathered more than 3,000 signatures in support of the DPCW from the people around villages and from more than 10 schools in his country. Also, studying all the articles on HWPL’s activities well, he made promotional materials himself for introducing the DPCW more effectively to the people. What wonderful peace activities he had done! Now, let us meet Mr. Adolfo and listen to his story and work that he has done.

Q. What was the happiest and hardest time while you were doing peace activity? Also, what is your source of power to work for peace?

A. The happiest time was when I have started a new peace activity in my life which was an international peace activity. Many school directors understand the need for the signing campaign and for implementing the DPCW. Also, I like being known as one of the international organization members of IPYG to many people around the world as the difference between other international organization and IPYG is that IPYG is a non-profit organization working not for a benefit but only for peace around the world.
The hardest was when some school directors requested official authorization from the government before implementing any peace activity. There was no fund for peace seminars or any peace activities. Also, there is not enough suitable transportation to go everywhere to do the signing campaigns and promoting the DPCW in communities of different places. 
On the other hand, we haven't met Mr. LeovozildoHornay, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport in Timor-Leste. If he knew this peace event was happening in Timor-Leste before the peace activity happened, he would have been happy to give any support for this peace activity. However, due to his busy schedule we were not able to meet him and notice this great news which is a great regret for me.
The powers that help me work are from the ideas and plans of the DPCW. I have translated the DPCW into my language and have shared this to the people which had been an inspiring work for me to do. For instance, "Deklarasaunharii dame no hakotufunuihamundo" is one of the translation the people like and is which I have translated to share. 
We were able to receive supports from the administrators of the local government, school directors, religious leaders, community, youth leaders and youth political parties for peace activities. 

Q. There are many peace organizations that are working around the world. What is the reason for you to work with HWPL and the IPYG? Also, what impression or passion did Chairman Lee of HWPL has given you?

A. Even there are many peace organizations with different manners and ways of working, HWPL and the IPYG are the organizations that work with various countries and leaders. Also, the youth organizations and religious leaders who are supporting have even signed in support of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. If leaders around the world sign in support of this declaration for peace, then the people will work together and create peace in our world. This is the main reason why I work for HWPL and IPYG for peace. 
The impression and passion I have received to work is from the name of “HWPL”. When I translated the full name of the “HWPL” into my language, I and many people in my country have understood deeply of the meaning. In my language it is translated as "KulturaLalehan, Dame baMundo no RestaurasaunbaNaroman". When I explain the name only into my language most people would shake their heads showing that they agree and understand the meaning of the organization.
Also from Mr. Lee, he once said "whoever brings their country to ruin because of their bound by some authority, that authority will be nothing, but wicked and useless" this is true and I agree with this. Therefore, I face the world with IPYG and do peace activities together to create peace in our world.

Q. If there is a work you would like to do with HWPL and IPYG, what kind of peace activity would you like to do?

A. I will do any peace activities from HWPL and the IPYG because their work is always beautiful and I trust them. Do you know why? 
It is because I have learned much from Chairman Lee, Chairwoman Kim, and from other media such as the HWPL videos and newspaper. Moreover, I was a translator for Chairman Lee’s script, and through the translation process I have soon understood the ideas from Chairman Lee’s words and have perfectly agreed to do any of HWPL or the IPYG peace activities.
Many students, who have met Mr. Adolfo during his peace activities, in Timor-Leste have said they would like to be a peace messenger like him in the future. Mr. Adolfo is also interested in building a peace academy. This is another initiative of HWPL and he is willing to support this in Timor-Leste as well. IPYG is also expecting the great peace activities which Mr. Adolfo is planning to do with IPYG in Timor-Leste.


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Sri Lanka, Interview with Journalist in the Ministry of Justice

JUN 2016

Rohan pradeep vitharana, Sri Lanka

Interview with Journalist in the Ministry of Justice

The Peace Message of Rohan pradeep vitharana, The Journalist in the Ministry of Justice in Sri Lanka who is working for real peace of Sri lanka


He has been a Media Sectary for the two years in an environment society in Sri Lanka. Also he has been as front page photo journalist with one of Sri Lanka’s leading News Paper for two years. Currently he’s holding the position of Journalist in the Ministry of Justice in Sri Lanka while being responsible for the coverage’s of the Minister’s and Ministry political affairs, Foreign affairs and legal affairs.  In additional he is working as a Media Sectary to Sri Lanka Tibetan Buddhist Brotherhood Society.

Q. What kind of activities are you going on with IPYG?

A. I held the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace in Colombo, Sri Lanka. For this historical event to be held for the first time in Sri Lanka, I invited the prominent peace activist, Dr. Damenda Porage to address his speech about peace to the children and the youth. Besides, I presented the achievements of HWPL and IPYG to the attendances and I could feel that they were very happy to attend the event and they could get the seed of peace in their heart through this opportunity. Furthermore, I have continued the signing campaign in support of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War being developed into an enforceable law. What I care for this campaign the most is to make the participants understand the purpose of this campaign. Signing on the paper without understanding the purpose of this activity and the value of this movement is not desirable. Therefore I am focusing on explaining about the peace process that HWPL has been working on to each person who joins this campaign. What I have done affiliating with IPYG is very small. I am ready to support this peace work every second of my life from now on.

Q. You are working for peace actively with IPYG so far, what made you to cooperate with HWPL& IPYG?

A. I love every creature in the world. Loving all nature is also one of the different forms of peace. The mind of love toward nature and peace makes me move and take actions. This ideology of my own corresponds to that of IPYG. Also, it is very important to plant the mind of peace and heart to the youth. I agree with the idea of IPYG that cares about the youth and I support IPYG fulfilling this idea building peaceful mind in the hearts of the youth. Above all, I would like to express my appreciation to Chairman Lee who originated this idea caring and loving the youth all around the world.

Q. What is your opinion about the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War?

A. It’s very difficult to legislate against wars and conflicts. But Mr. Lee did it, so I think it’s good. This is time to make the declaration. It is important that people in the world understand real peace. If we cooperate with each region and country, the declaration for peace will be success.

Q. What is your plan with IPYG?

A. I have many plans for peace in my mind. But first thing for cooperating with IPYG is to discuss what we will do for peace and cooperate in harmony. By communication, we can fill the gap and go on many activities for peace. 

Q. Please give youth about Peace message in whole world.

A. Have Love and Compassion in your mind, without selfishness. We should love each other’s nation and culture. Love first, the work would be easy. Peace should be in our heart and mind.

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Interview after the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk in “Kadri Zeka” University, Zijlan

JUN 2016

Blerina Ajvazi , Kosovo

Vice President of student council in University “Kadri Zeka” Zijlan

Interview after the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk in “Kadri Zeka” University, Zijlan


Q. What is the difference between HWPL and other peace organizations?

A. Nowadays, in the world there are many Peace organizations but each of them are difference. As I am a volunteer of HWPL I have seen better coordination between programs, more youth members serving on the Board of Directors, more woman in leadership roles on the Boards of Directors, like Chairwoman Kim who is a strong and hard working woman who is motivating all the women in the world.

Q. What motivation made you organize the annual event for the 25th of May and what do you think about future step of this event?

A. The main motivating to make the annual event for the 25th of May was because I wanted to raise my voice and share with the others about this peace movement which can change the world. Terrorism is a global threat and even though countries have recognized it, they have to work harder in order to ensure world peace. In order to achieve world peace, countries must come together to counter the growing menace of terrorism and stop the violence, fear and bloodshed.

I think in the future this event will be a lasting solution to many of the current problems hampering the nations across the globe.

Q. Are there any favors to all youth of the globe, heads of state, or decision makers for world peace?

A. There are a lot of favors for world peace especially to the youth who are the main messengers of this peace movement and the heads of states and decision makers who must support every movement of peace because they have to know that the world is encouraged by recognizing that day as a day of peace. To me peace is not about looking at the hostility around the world. Real peace around the world begins within you. I know that the leaders and politicians are trying to achieve world peace but there are many difficulties on the way and they should try and strive to build a better world by strengthening themselves and actively by helping others.

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International Relations Coordinator of the International Vision University

JUN 2016

Ms. Elanur Loç , Macedonia

International Relations Coordinator of the International Vision University  


Q. What is the difference between HWPL and the other peace organizations?

A. HWPL is a peace organization which encourages the whole world to sign the peace declaration and we are proud that the organization gave us a chance to know about them and encouraged our students to support this activity with their signatures. HWPL is an organization which motivates the leaders and youth to be engaged in sustainable and comprehensive solutions for peace. HWPL takes into consideration the youth and women as the main victims in wars and gives them privileges to show their own supports for peace with their activities.

Q. What motivation made you organize the annual event for the 25th of May and what do you think about future steps of this event?

A. Recently we have been facing many conflicts occurring around the world. So, it is time for the whole world to make the wars stop. We think that this plan of action will be very effective for making the world’s voice heard. So, this point of view was our biggest motivation. We hope that in the future our institution and your peace organization, we are going to agree together on many successful projects in order to make our students much more aware about peace and brotherhood.

Q. Are there any favors to all youth of the globe, heads of state, or decision makers for world peace?

A. We think that the young generations and the global leaders can always be positively attracted by these kinds of organizations.

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Moldova, Interview with International Law Professor

MAY 2016

Dr. Doina Cuciurca

The Peace Message of Dr. Doina, the international law professor who is working for the bright future of Moldova

Dr. Doina Cuciurca is an international law professor at the Moldova State University and is also a member of the HWPL Peace Advisory Council. After being inspired by the speeches of the HWPL Chairman and the IWPG Chairwoman at the 1st Annual Commemoration of the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit held in 2015, she began a peace club at the university and is receiving the respect and support from many students. Let us hear the peace message of Professor Doina Cuciurca.

Q. What made you to cooperate with HWPL& IPYG? What kind of mindset and heart do you have as a person who leads the youth, and peace advisory council?

A. When I first heard about HWPL, I realized that HWPL is the essential organization not only to Moldova but also to the whole world. I was determined to work with HWPL since it has the definite answer for achieving peace. As I am a law professional and professor who teaches students, I received very clear information that HWPL is the answer for peace. HWPL aims to transcend differences in culture, gender, religion and nationality by engaging leaders and youths in sustainable and comprehensive approach to peace.

Also the life that grows on the earth is sustained from above - by light, by the rain, and by the air they provide unconditionally to all living beings. I also want to leave peace to future generation just like how Chairman Lee wishes to.

Therefore, I organize and run the peace circle in Moldova State University to spread this peaceful mind through students.


Q. What is your definition of Chairman Lee?

A. Since I was young, as I heard a lot from my grandfather about war and conflicts between countries, the peace movement of HWPL was interesting and impressive. Especially, as Chairman Lee was a Korean War veteran himself, he knows the cruelty devastation of war. Despite his 86 years of age, he is trying hard to achieve world peace to leave a peaceful world without wars and conflicts.

When I first met Chairman Lee at the 1st annual commemoration of WARP Summit, I was very surprised. His sincere passion towards achieving peace captivated people’s heart and made them united in one.

I am a non-religious person, but as a person who has learned philosophy, I agree that religion plays an important role in the world where we live, and also when Chairman Lee emphasizes on its importance, I can understand and truly feel that it is the message for achieving peace.

Moreover, I understand why he is insisting the two answers of peace: Enactment of International Law and Alliance of Religion. As like Chairman Lee’s message, let us all join together in this peace movement with HWPL and him.


Q. Give youth an advice what could be a role for students for Implementation of International Convention?

A. Firstly, we need to let youth know how important their role is for achieving peace. As Chairman Lee told us, I hope all youth around the world gather together for achieving peace into reality. Then all heads of state will be touched by youth's peace activities and urges for implementation of International Convention. It will make the world change, and especially when the victims of war are little kids.

I am only hoping for us to provide a better world for them to live in.


Q. Please give youth about Peace message in whole world.

A. As Chairman Lee is the father of all youth who loves them wholeheartedly, my hope is that the youth to be touched by his peace messages so that we can work for Cessation of war and World Peace together.


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Georgia, HWPL Peace Academy

MAY 2016

HWPL Peace Academy, the most beautiful work that will leave peace as a legacy for the future generations, has been established in Georgia!

Aia-Gess is Georgian-English-Spanish international school in Georgia and they are actively participating in international exchange program to let students share their ideas and broaden experience. Aia-Gess made HWPL Peace Academy MOU on 21st March and designated as a first HWPL Peace Academy in Georgia. Both of students and teachers are looking forward to joining in peace movement and ready to spread peace education to schools in Georgia. Aia-Gess students will have Flash Mob and Peace Wall Painting in school and they also decided to join supporting the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

On 18th, March at Aia-Gess, to hear more detailed how they feel and what is the plan for peace academy, we had an interview with Director Ms. Rusudan Bolkvadze. Director Bolkvadze greeted us with a big pleasure and she kindly answered to questions.

Q. How do you feel as a first peace academy in Georgia?

A. It’s pleasure to be a member of peace academy in Georgia we do love the project that IPYG is working on. We are glad to have a chance to take part in international peace movement.


Q. How do you think about peace in Georgia and HWPL, IPYG peace movement?

A. In Georgia, many politicians mention and discuss about peace issue, and we have tried several times to cross the border between Georgia and Aphkazia, but it was failed. To achieve peace in the world, we should know what is happening in the world, not only in my country. Through international peace organization like HWPL and IPYG, we hope that many people can know what’s happening in Georgia these days and I believe that peace organization can help in this way.


Q.  What do you look forward to cooperation with HWPL?

A. Recently we are carrying out peace movement in our school, but we would like to broad this peace activity not only in our school, but also other schools in Georgia and in the world where the peace academy has established. We would like to share and broad our idea to other peace academies. It can be international exchange program. When the peace academy in another country has a chance to visit Georgia and have peace exchange program with us, they are invited and we will support though not fully. We are ready to support any peace project and open to hear idea of HWPL and IPYG.

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IPYG Raises Youth Heroes Through the Peace Walk

DEC 2017 

National Youth Day and Commemoration of the Santa Cruz Massacre

November 12th, 2017 was the 26th anniversary of the Santa Cruz Massacre and East Timor National Youth Day.

To commemorate, on November 11th, 7 organizations including the IPYG, Timor-Leste Youth for Peace, Dili Rotary, Club, Youth for Human Rights, co-hosted a peace seminar at the KnuaJuventude Fila Liman in Pateo Plaza. The two-day event consisted of a peace conference on the 11th and a national peace walk on the 12th.

On November 12th, 1991, hundreds of youth walked in peace to the Santa Cruz cemetery to pay respects to Sebastião Gomes, a youth who was killed after attending mass at Motael church in Dili. This peaceful walk turned protest was the largest protest since 1975 and it was held against Indonesia’s takeover of East Timor. 250 people lost their lives that day because of the Indonesian army dispatched to end the protest.

Their walk of peace has become an annual event where people wave their flags to express their desire for freedom and justice. November 12th has been proclaimed National Youth Day in honor of the courage and determination the youth showed through the peace walk on that day despite the danger.

The Peace Seminar held on November 11th began with the commemoration speech of Mr. Herculano Amaral, the organizing committee leader of the event as well as the director of the International Rotary Club of Dili Lafaek, and continued with speeches from various NGOs including the president of Committee 12th November and the Secretary State of Youth and Labor. The testimonies from the survivors of the Santa Cruz Massacre also instilled the importance of peace into everyone’s hearts.

Ms. Marcia Pascoela Castro Alves, a staff member of Dili Rotary Club, introduced HWPL, the IPYG and IWPG and held a question and answer session. A participant was surprised at the WARP Summit and its thousands of participants, and he said he hopes peace will be actualized eternally in the world soon.

Participants sang songs of peace along with musicians and held passionate discussions about the role of youth in sustainable development. They stated that they learned much about peace activities that could be applied to their friends, families, and their environment, that everyone must work together for peace, and that spreading world peace should never come to an end.

On November 12th, 2017, around 2,500 citizens gathered to take part in the national peace event and walk in the peace walk from Motael Church to the Santa Cruz Cemetery. The host organizations along with participants of the Peace Seminar walked together and commemorated the youth heroes who were sacrificed during the massacre. People walked with flags and national flags, and the IPYG showed their presence through banners and balloons.

Mr. Herculano Amaral, who led the Peace Seminar as a representative of the IPYG, stated that because this peace walk was a big event for East Timor, he hopes that another commemoration event will be held next year. He is also planning on holding more peace seminars and peace sporting events for students. He hopes that through various the IPYG and East Timor events, more people will participate in the work of peace.


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