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AUG 2017

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At night, an IPYG staff who was present as the Korean Youth Representative hosted the “Korea Edition” of Culture Night. The host introduced the Republic of Korea as a nation of peace with a great vision, passion, and magnanimity while sharing the meaning of peace concealed within Korean history with the attendees. Everyone was actively engaged during quiz time and it proved to be a special opportunity for the European youth to learn about Korean culture, which was foreign to them.


On Day 3, “The IPYG Youth Empowerment Workshop” took place. First the young participants debated on the memory of not being respected and what ethnicity means to them. The young passionately took part in the debate to the point that there was not enough time. The participants shared about the discrimination and difficulty experienced by the youth of each nation and reflected on the value of one another.


After, the participants discussed about the topic of “Diversity of Ethnicities” and the social and governmental conflicts created from the differences and what the youth can do in order to resolve them. After the debate took place, team presentations where they were able to gain the historical background on why the conflicts begun in each nation; marking the beginning of the youth working together to resolve conflicts.




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The unstoppable aspiration for peace - the youth takes the lead

AUG 2017

For about a month, before the 2017 presidential election, political tensions have been rising in Kenya. However, despite the tensions, the aspiration for peace from the youth in Kenya was still moving.


Since 2014, Mathias Osimbo, an in-country representative for the Teachers Without Borders-Kenya, agreed to work together with HWPL to achieve world peace through international law. This year, he has launched another peace walk, following the 'the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk’ that was initiated in 2016 5.25, to promote the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) with Lavington United Church as the starting point. This event was co-hosted by Lavington United Church and the Maestros Leadership Team.


The event was split into 2 parts.


The first half began with a speech by Mathias Osimbo and Mr. Claude Saula, the national coordinator of the Maestros Leadership Team, fostering the need for world peace.

Before the walk began, a time of silence was paid in tribute to the lives sacrificed for Kenya. Afterwards, the peace walk commenced while the Kenyan national anthem and other peace-related songs played in the background. Although the peace walk was not promoted within the community prior to the event, a total of 65 in youths joined the peace walk and the street community was in passionate jubilee during the event.

The Maestros Leadership Team, who attended the peace walk for the first time, participated while holding posters informing the different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN. These SDG posters were prepared by volunteers, resulting in the whole event to be a time when the community gladly engaged in the advancement of peace together.

Ms. Mercy Julia Obukwa, the art teacher at Juja Preparatory & Senior Schools, shared that the most memorable experience was participating and shouting for peace alongside the youth during the peace walk. Furthermore, she determined to integrate peace with art and continue to pursue the ongoing peace education practiced in HWPL.

As the host of the event, Mathias Osimbo expressed his gratitude towards Lavington United church for providing a location despite the short notice. He shared that it was rewarding to carry out the peace walk alongside the youth.

After the peace walk, the IPYG and the Maestros Leadership Team promised to further discuss in regards to future cooperation between the two groups. Furthermore, the teachers, Ms. Mercy Julia Obukwa and Mr. Mathias Osimbo, expressed their willingness to contribute to this work of educating the value of peace to the youth in Kenya.

From the result of this event, we expect to continuously see the work of peace here, in Kenya.

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Yemen youth’s earnest desire for peace contained in pictures

AUG 2017

Yemen is currently facing many crises due to their ongoing conflicts, including the recent cholera outbreak. Although these dire conditions make active peace activities seem out of the question, Improve Your Society still hosted the Piece of PEACE workshop. This event took place on August 2nd 2017 in the city of Taiz at the Hall of Experts Organization. About thirty-five people attended, including leaders of youth organizations, clergies, and members of civil society groups. 

This workshop covered the following topics in order: Introduction of the Contents of the DPCW, Education Regarding the DPCW Articles Required in Yemen, and a picture drawing time.

HWPL and the IPYG introduced each article stated in the declaration. All these articles are applicable to Yemen’s crises, and present a more practical and legal approach to achieving peace. Afterwards, the participants were given a time to draw out pictures of the 10 articles. The attendees referred to the current situation in Yemen and recognized that the contents of the DPCW are necessary to achieve world peace and the cessation of war. There was a strong desire to put the DPCW into action throughout Yemen.

After watching the videos introducing HWPL and the DPCW, the youth participants expressed their eagerness for the chairman of HWPL to help end the war in Yemen and promised to urge the decision makers of their country to reflect upon the contents of the declaration. One of the participants shared that the article that is most needed in Yemen is Article 10: Spread a Culture of Peace.

Despite difficult conditions that challenge the call for peace, this workshop drew a fervent desire for the realization of peace from the citizens of Yemen, who became united under the name of peace.


HWPL and the IPYG will continue to promote the law of peace to even more citizens of Yemen through additional DPCW education and article picture drawing events in the future. Working together with mural artists, the pictures collected through the events will be used in peace wall painting projects within Yemen.

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“Alone we can walk fast, together we can go far”

AUG 2017

Making the future as a playground with no discrimination, racism or any kind of violence

but only with happiness and friendship


Global Playground Stockholm is a non-governmental organization in Sweden aiming to promote sustainable development both locally and internationally by working with different countries around the world. It has conducted various projects to engage youth in social issues and empower their voice and rights in Swede community. Below is the interview with Aleh Kliatsko, president of the Global Playground Stockholm.


Q1. How did you first become concerned about the issues of the youth and peace?

In 2012, I established the NGO Global Playground Stockholm (GP) and became aware about the issues of environment, sustainability and youth participation in the democratic process of development. I have been working as a project manager at GP since December 2012, where I am responsible for communications, project management, training, event coordination, and funding.


Q2. In your opinion, what is the greatest social challenge faced by the youth in your country?

In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges related to youth in Sweden is to engage young people in society's various issues. The young people are the future generation that will eventually become decision makers or community builders. Global Playground’s vision is to create sustainability by combining science, art and creativity. By thinking globally and acting locally, we could achieve long-term sustainable development with more youth participation in this process.


Q3. What kind of youth activities have you done with your organization or by yourself? Have there been any changes to the youth related activities which you undertake? If so, what are they?

We run projects in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Spain, Kenya, Turkey and Moldova. We developed and organized more than 50 successful conferences and events for youth interested in sustainability issues. We coordinated three awareness campaigns in Sweden, Kenya and Turkey on different fields of Sustainability and gained significant social media coverage.


Q4. Why is peace work needed not only for Sweden but for the world?

Global Playground’s vision is a planet which is a playground for us and our kids. This playground has no racism or any kind of violence or discrimination. It is only happiness, friendship and cooperation for the sake of a green and clean future with fresh air and clean water. The “Playground” allows stakeholders to participate and shape their better future.


Q5. How would it be effective to empower the youth and create awareness in Sweden with IPYG?

Sustainable development means a development that links the environment with the social and economic aspects. In order to achieve sustainable development, a change of today's societies is required. By pushing the individual in the right direction, we change and achieve long-term sustainable development and open up for new opportunities and cooperation.


Q6. Please share any encouraging words to the peace family of IPYG.

My participation in the forum will focus on receiving information, creating new contacts with different organizations to find potential partners for future projects. Alone we can walk fast, together we can go far.


It is motivating to hear the story of Swedish youth and IPYG is glad to find out that our groups share many of the same goals in the pursuit of peace. We are expecting to work together with the Global Playground Stockholm team and achieve our goals together in the near future!

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We Are One through Peace Relay Greetings

AUG 2017

IPYG Peace Family Transcends Borderlines, Race, and Religion to Spread the Message of Peace to the World


The IPYG started the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ with the goal of answering the question of how peace could be delivered to distant countries worldwide. In May 2017, the Horus Foundation for Development and Training in Egypt was the first organization to participate, and this campaign is currently active in approximately 20 countries.


May 2017, Egypt, Morocco, Horus Foundation for Development and Training

June 2017, Egypt, Lebanon, Ensan Aid Foundation 

Peace messages were sent from Egypt to Morocco and Lebanon, and from Colombia to Morocco. These peace messages were delivered to the organizations working alongside the IPYG in Morocco and Lebanon, and additional messages are now being prepared to be sent to different countries.


May 2017, the IPYG in Korea - May 2017, Colombia, Fundacion Colombia Joven - June 2017 Australia, Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development international  - June 2017, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Future Hope  - July 2016 Syria, Al Jazour Society Training

Throughout May, June, and July of 2017, peace messages were delivered utilizing this relay method.


Mr. Tharwat Gaid Salama, the President of the Horus Foundation for Development and Training, was the first to participate in this campaign and remarked, “This is a simple but unforgettable method to be able to send a heartfelt message of peace to Morocco. I am very glad for the opportunity to participate in IPYG’s campaign, and I look forward to the many peace activities that we will do with the IPYG”.

Through IPYG’s ‘We Love Relay Campaign’, it became possible to deliver the message of peace to VIPs of different countries and develop a network with various peace organizations. Furthermore, two workshops focusing on youth independence and DPCW support were started through this campaign. This resulted in the gathering of approximately 1,000 signatures for the support of DPCW within three months.

The IPYG successfully conveyed the heart of peace to youth in different countries through the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ and demonstrated that spreading the culture of peace internationally is possible if we gather our efforts together as one. Furthermore, the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’ allowed youth around the world the opportunity to learn about and understand each other although having never met. 


In each of the 20 countries participating in the ‘We Love Relay Campaign’, the youth are actively joining and supporting this movement. To further publicize the work of peace to the entire world, the IPYG plans to gather photos with peace messages for a campaign video.

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“Youth should be the center of a community delivering the values of harmony and mutual understanding.”

AUG 2017

A letter from a Ukrainian youth leader


The Youth NGO, “Modern Format” in Ukraine, aims to educate youth by developing their skills and ideas with modern thinking, technology and methods to give youth the opportunity to meet their full potential. The main areas of its activities are: democracy and human rights, media; regional development, and CSO support. Below is a message from Zhanna Solovyva Head of the Board of the Youth NGO “Modern Format”.

Maidan, occupation of the Crimea, the war in the East of Ukraine and all the events which took place during the last several years and still go on today, had a significant impact on Ukrainian people and the communities. A great number of forced immigrants from eastern Ukraine and the occupied Crimea have integrated into the society.

Nowadays the problem of cooperation and integration of the displaced people into communities is especially problematic as well as the interaction of people with different cultural, religious, and historical views. The whole Ukrainian society and the communities at the local level should learn how to respect each other and live under conditions of multicultural tolerance.

It’s necessary for community members to learn how to respect each other and to cooperate in spite of cultural, historical, religious and nationality differences. It is important for the displaced people to feel themselves as a part of a community, in which territory they are living in. The community leaders should acknowledge, respect and involve representatives of those “new communities” and different cultures, who will provide lasting benefits for all of us. They have to understand the consequences of their actions and should be socially responsible.

Young people are the most progressive in society; they quickly adapt under new circumstances, accept new information and are best motivated for change inside of their communities. Cultural, religious and political diversity issues are not so problematic for the young representatives of the communities. It is the young people, active members of their communities, who can become the AGENTS able to facilitate understanding within communities, not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

I believe that the active participation of young people in the processes of making decisions at different levels can be the driving force of social change and community development.

Zhanna Solovyva

Youth NGO “Modern Format”

We certainly realize once more the importance of the role of youth in society by indirectly experiencing the reality in Ukraine. By working together with Modern Format team, IPYG hopes to encourage Ukrainian youth more and more to be the messengers of peace.

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