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Moving Forward together for peace

MAR 2017

The peace of light shines to the Black Town

On the 19th of February 2017 in Blacktown, Sydney, a peace event called “Harmony Walk” was held by the organization, Moving Forward Together and various other peace organizations including IPYG & IWPG who participated with the support of Blacktown Council. This event was well organized with many peace organizations participating, and was also carried out successfully through the cooperation of the citizens.

Diverse peace activities were held by different peace organizations and through this event we witnessed the passion for the achievement of peace in Australia.

In this event, IPYG and IWPG prepared an activity for hand printing to show the hope that peace will truly come. Ray Williams (NSW Minister of Multiculturalism) and Moningder Singh (Blacktown City Council) also participated in the hand printing for true peace. Ray Williams said,” what a great idea this is, it’s beautiful and represents Australia and the multiculturalism very well! Good Luck! “What makes this activity more meaningful is that many people participated with one heart for peace. The diverse hand colours on the map represents the multicultural aspect of Australia and the handshake image represents a hope for harmony.

The peace signing campaign for the DPCW was held in the same place. The citizens listened to the explanation of the DPCW carefully and they agreed to support for DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War).

Moreover, the staff of IPYG from the various countries of the world volunteered for the event and their beautiful smile and service made the participants happy. The members of IPYG have been making great efforts to bring world peace to the global. One of the IPYG member said, “I believe that if we put our hearts together for peace, we can definitely make it happen in our generation. So I’m glad to participate in this event and volunteer for the community. I hope the light of peace is always present in Blacktown.

This kind of peace event will be continuously held to guide the community to communicate and deliver the peace message into people’s heart.

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Songs of Peace Touch Juba

MAR 2017

IPYG V-Peace Concert

The IPYG V-Peace Concert was held on 25 February at Juba, South Sudan, to put into practice article 10 of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, “Spreading a Culture of Peace,” in the form of music that people feel close to. The event was prepared as a culture of peace event for the people of South Sudan to come together to share the values of peace and the pains of war.

To make the concert more than a simple opportunity to enjoy music, the event was held with the theme of “Our Voice Calls Forth Peace.” For people to actively voice their yearning for peace, a booth for people to sign their support for the declaration was established during the concert. The event went on for three hours from one p.m. to four p.m., and the concert consisted of dances, plays, and songs related to peace. In particular, the Peace Maker, a local singer, sang the IPYG’s song of peace titled, “The World of Peace,” conveying the message that we should work not for money but for humanity like the light, rain, and air to make the world a peaceful place.

The IPYG concert served as an opportunity for the South Sudanese youth to realize that the culture of peace they need to spread involves showing how much they love peace and making known the answer to achieve peace.

The staff and performers that prepared the peace concert showed great passion for learning about HWPL, the IPYG, and the declaration. They said that their dream is to make the declaration’s 10 articles and 38 clauses into a song so that everyone would be able to know and support the declaration.

Along with over 300 people that came to the concert, members of Anataban, an organization carrying out various activities to spread the culture of peace in the area, and two local media companies attended the event. After listening to the explanation on the declaration, they also signed their support for the declaration.

When asked what was the most memorable part of the event, most answered that it was finding out about how youth of the world are playing a crucial role in their respective countries for peace through the work of HWPL.

One of the youth attendees, Sunge Emmanuel, said, “At a time when it’s not easy to even mention ‘peace,’ I’m glad to receive the courage to openly speak about peace through the concert as a youth.”

He also expressed his determination saying that, “I want to make my country (South Sudan) a better place just like youth in the world cooperating with the IPYG are doing for their countries.”

Meanwhile, those who prepared the event with the IPYG plan to hold the second V-Peace Concert in November with better performances and programs to make the culture of peace sweep over South Sudan once again.

JubaHub and Emmanuel, who helped with the preparation, have been putting the work of peace as a top priority despite their busy schedules and difficult circumstances. The IPYG believes that their heart, courage and their sincerity for peace will surely bring about positive changes in South Sudan.

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Launching the Peace Sports Club: A Peaceful Future for Ethiopian Children

MAR 2017

IPYG Heroes Peace Sport Campaign

On the 18th of February, there was a debut event for the Peace Sports Club for Ethiopian students from South regional state government in the capital city Hawassa in Ethiopia.

This Sport Club Inauguration Ceremony is part of IPYG Heroes Peace Sport Campaign. IPYG Heroes are a youth volunteer activity which began with the hope that the youth could be the heroes of peace in their regions and countries by creating a peace culture to their communities. The beginning of this activity was will to be led by ‘Gato Development Association’ of youth, as IPYG Heroes, in the sport campaign in Ethiopia. Mr. Alemayehu Menta, the General Manager of Gato Development Association, who was in charge of this activity, also cooperated with IPYG when preparing the ‘Peace Marathon’ in 2016.  

IPYG Peace Sport Club, which was began in Ethiopia, provided Ethiopia children with the opportunity to participate in sport activity and offered them the spirit of peace. Mr. Alemayehu Menta mentioned that this Peace Sport Program can help educate Ethiopia children and students about the necessity of peace and raise sociality by learning how to cooperate with each other. Furthermore, it made them feel that achieving peace in the community is near, not too far away.

In this Inauguration Ceremony, about one hundred parents and citizens of Hawassa attended, and about fifty students signed up to join the Peace Sport Club. Moreover, we promoted IPYG and informed the parents of the necessity of the DPCW to leave peace as a legacy to their children.  

This sport club is not a temporary event, but is going to be held subsequently in Addis Ababa, Omoro, and Hawassa from now on. We strongly expect that this event will be the leading force of peace in Ethiopia.

With the help of Gato Development Association and the IPYG Heroes in Ethiopia, we hope that many more of the youth will join this club so that they can grow as future leaders who will lead towards peace.

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South African Youth Take Action to Achieve Peace

MAR 2017

Cape Town, a Piece of World Peace

On 23 February, the South African branch of the IPYG and Africa Unite hosted a joint event. The purpose of the event was to introduce the values of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) and to instill in the youth a sense of responsibility for community safety.

The event was attended by about 70 people, including Mzwakhe Nqavashe, Councillor of the Western Cape; Katie Trippe, an intern at Africa Unite; and Yared Tsegay, Senior Research & Monitoring Specialist of African Monitor. Out of love for peace and youth, the participants discussed ways to promote the sustainable development and peace in South Africa. Also, the DPCW and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations were introduced.

Moreover, the South African branch of the IPYG and Africa Unite are planning to offer activities for cultivating values of coexistence, harmony, sharing, and respect in citizens and to raise the public’s awareness of peace through “DPCW Article 10 Spreading a Culture of Peace” education so that such culture takes root in the community of Cape Town.

During the following dialogue, there was an opinion that if problems are solved in the community, which is the basic unit of society, then sustainable peace is possible. The participants all agreed that peace can be achieved if individuals and organizations make efforts for peace.

South Africa ranked 126th on the Global Peace Index (2016) out of 162 countries, and is one of the regions with many conflicts. If the youth, who account for 46 percent of the population of South Africa, change their perceptions about peace, it will help reducing regional conflicts. 

The IPYG and Africa Unite will continue to cooperate and encourage the youth of Cape Town to actively advocate peace in hopes of ending the culture of violence in Cape Town and creating a piece of global peace.

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Yared Tsegay, Interview with African Monitor Senior research & monitoring specialist

MAR 2017

The Peace Message of Yared Tsegay, who is working for the bright future of South Africa

Yared Tsegay, the Senior Research & Monitoring Specialist of African Monitor, participated in the IPYG peace event held on 23rd of February in South Africa. He inspired many people with his speech about peace and the development of local society and economy.

Q1. What do you desire for the lives of the South African Youth?

A1. At this point in time, the high level of violence and lack of safety in the community is negatively affecting the wellbeing of youth in the country. So it’s quite important that South African youth live in a peaceful environment.

Q2. What do you think is desperately needed for South Africa to achieve peace?

A2. We need to look at the socio-economic variables that result in a high level of violence and crime in the society. The high level of inequality and poverty in the society need to be addressed for any lasting peace to prevail. There should be initiatives to rebuild and empower the family and communities to assert themselves.

Q3. What do you want to say to people in South Africa or all over the world, as a message for peace?

A3. In South African context, to build peaceful society has to start by building an equal society in all its forms and empowering communities. We should not look at peace separate from it socio-economic context.

At the global stage – securing peace is an ideal we all aspire to. However securing peace will require us to confront the drivers of conflict in all its forms. We should be frank in articulating these sources of conflict and deal with within the United Nations framework.

Q4. Please share any encouraging words to the peace family of IPYG. 

A4. I think it is a good initiative. It involves young people and trying to make them champions of peace. In terms of South Africa, most of the violence is committed by young people. So trying to involve young people in South Africa, learning to resolve conflicts, and peace communication effects; I think that has a great impact.

Yared Tsegay, who works to make people live with dignity in a legitimate society under good governance and where human rights are respected, hopes peace culture is spread throughout the local society.

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Lets know about Peace

MAR 2017

The peace of youth has begun in Delhi

On 15 January 2017, an event titled “Let’s Know Each Other” was co-hosted by Reaching Sky Foundation and the IPYG. This event, which took place in Lodhi Garden in Delhi, India, consisted of a cultural exchange program and various games to raise awareness about peace among the youth and explore different ways to achieve peace in their everyday lives.

The program “Let’s Know Each Other” was joined by college students between the ages of 18 and 25 who have interest in peace and social issues, and was a collaboration between Reaching Sky Foundation and the IPYG. This program heightened the awareness of peace among the youth in Delhi and moved them one step closer to peace through various peace activities.

The participants were able to understand each other more through various games, and they said this event served as an opportunity to realize that peace, which once seemed unfamiliar and distant to them, can be put into practice in their daily lives. One youth said that this program was meaningful in that he had a chance to think about the importance of peace.

In addition, Reaching Sky Foundation expressed their willingness to continue cultural exchange programs with the IPYG. They also showed their determination to enhance awareness of peace in India’s youth and to participate in advocacy efforts in support of the DPCW, which has the answer for achieving peace.

The IPYG will continue to make ceaseless efforts to unite all the youth of India under the banner of peace, end all wars and achieve world peace through joint projects with Reaching Sky Foundation, which aims to enhance the capability of the youth and develop life skills among the youth.

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The Flower of Arte Moris Blooms Peace Again

MAR 2017

Peace blossoms by the Hands of Children

Last month the 25th of February was a special day in Timor-Leste, especially for Dili.

Arte Moris, the first art school and cultural center and the Artist Association held their 14th anniversary celebration ceremony.

Arte Moris has a vision to work and support the youth to develop their creativity and artistic sense. In 2003, Arte Moris was recognized for the work of inspiring people to exercise freedom of expression and was awarded the United Nations Human Rights prize.

For this anniversary event, Arte Moris invited at least 200 local NGO officials, 6 schools and artists from Dili. The event was held for 4 days from February 22th to 25th.

On the first day, the students held a contest called Art & Nature.  During the following and 3rd day of the event, there was a time to select the winner’s work and then exhibit the work.  Also, as an art group many art exhibitions and acoustic music performances, which attracted attention of the participants, were held.

On the last day, the children had time to color in a frame about peace collaborating with IPYG. They were very happy and learned about peace by expressing it through various colors.

After that, the founder and director of Arte Moris, Mr. Julianto Pereira (Iliwatu) share about the DPCW with the participants. Through this presentation, all of the participants agreed to support this peace work.  Illiwatu also, shared with us that despite having to wait in a long line to sign his support for the DPCW, the participants all signed with a smile.

As one of the peace maker in Timor-Leste, Illiwatu said he would continue to support and work together with IPYG to spread peace in Timor-Leste.  We look forward to Arte Moris' next move to promote the special heavenly culture to the Timorese youth and citizens to heal their psychological and social wounds from a history of violence due to colonization.



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We must not forget the Value of Peace

MAR 2017

A Letter from a Peace Messenger of Romania

IPYG met Razvan Patcas, Former President of Euroavia Cluj-Napoca. He participated in the 2nd Annual commemoration of the World Alliance of Religion’s Peace (WARP) Summit as a peace messenger. He has a dedication and commitment towards peace. He knows that HWPL and IPYG have been making continuous effort to achieve peace. He appreciates the dedicated support of IPYG and looks forward to working with us. Let us see what he would like to say to IPYG.


Dear. IPYG

It was a great pleasure for me to take part a couple of weeks ago at an event on a topic about peace. Something, I rarely hear about in Romania... peace. I think people here seem to forget about it. As time passes by, the great feeling of living in a quite peaceful environment tends to become more and more embedded into our daily life.

I was born in a period of peace and so were my parents. However, it is not usual for all people. As soon as you start to think about peace further than your daily life and the circle of people that you meet each day and start to observe the situation on our little blue planet, you cannot forget about other fellow humans that lost their peace or are fighting for it. These are all important reasons for which we have to be concerned and we have to do something to change the situation for the better.

Peace is a great thing to have and I am grateful for it and for all the benefits that come with it. This is why I believe that we have to embrace it more. I think we need to show the impact that peace has over our world and to place it into our culture, our state of mind and our way of doing politics.

I think it is the only way forward for a better future, for tighter relations among humankind and for our development as better people. I wish to help HWPL and world peace as much as I can. Of course, it can be a long process to take form but we have to seek peace continuously!

Razvan Patcas

Euroavia Cluj-Napoca

Former President

We hope that all events would be proceeding well and peace can be achieved as soon as possible in Romania through the peace activities of Razvan Patcas and youth in Romania. As Razvan said, “I wish to help HWPL and world peace as much as I can”, we, IPYG, will try to make peace with Razvan and Romanian youth doing many peace activities.

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New members of MARCH

MAR 2017

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Kafka Welfare Organization, International Center For Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue, ECOWAS Y-Council, Triumphant Youth Organization Kaduna, Somos CaPAZes and Ibdaa Youth Group


• Pakistan / Kafka Welfare Organization

Greetings from Kafka Welfare Organization (KWO) collaborating with IPYG is a great opportunity and we are hopeful to fully cooperate.

We hope to bring positive change in community jointly. We also believe in peace and conflict resolution.




Armenia / International Center For Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue

Warm greetings from Armenia!

I am very happy for this opportunity of getting in touch with you and for many opportunities that will surely appear, that we can combine our efforts for achieving peace in the world.  And I am very happy that we really start from the peace inside of us, and sharing with each other, and this is the real basis that we can build on Peace for others.



Nigeria / ECOWAS Y-Council

I am happy to let you know that the leadership of ECOWAS Youth Council is very much appreciative and glad about the international peace youth group 1 affiliation in other to strengthen peace and good security in all manners of ways in the world and Africa by extension. It is to show our readiness to work with you all to bring peace into Africa and make her a better place for all to live. This will help and strengthen a strong movement which will embrace peace at all times and also advocate for peace in all urban and rural areas of Africa and the world by extension.



Nigeria / Triumphant Youth Organization Kaduna

My first impression, When i had about IPYG, the first thing I did was going through there activities via internet and communication through a Bona-fide Member IPYG Mr Aminu Maipampo, which I feel impressed on the role playing by the IPYG in the world and enlightening youth on Peace.


Colombia / Somos CaPAZes



Syria / Ibdaa Youth Group


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