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Arabian Jewel’ Morocco, opens the chapter of harmony for the IPYG peace activity

FEB 2017

IPYG Meeting in Morocco for making world peace a reality

Morocco, located in north-west Africa, has approximately a thousand-year history and that is called the ‘Arabian Jewel’. Morocco is well known for being a peaceful country, even in the region of Africa. On February 12th, HWPL representatives and IPYG members got together at the office of ‘International Observatory for Media and Parallel Diplomacy’ in Casablanca to discuss the exact direction of activities for peace and understanding the DPCW.

Through this meeting, the representatives, as members of HWPL and IPYG, formed solid friendships with the community. They heard the details of what happened at the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit with the help of Mr. Mustapha Lamrani, the Chairman of Madinati Larache Association, and Mr. Zakariae Ben Cheikh, the Education Activate of Nosom Association. In particular, since Mr. Lamrani had a distinct understanding of the DPCW, he explained it to the other members so they would understand. Also, they talked about how this DPCW can be applied to Morocco. After they shared the vision and goal for peace activities of HWPL and IPYG, they promised to proceed to the second meeting in the near future for planning activities related to said vision and goal.

Furthermore, they agreed to introduce HWPL and IPYG to more organizations in Morocco, and have regular gatherings to discuss peace activities in Morocco based on the DPCW. Finally, they decided to achieve peaceful results and spread positive news to other countries to fulfill world peace. 

There are about 20 IPYG-affiliated organizations in Morocco. Even though those organizations aren’t always together, we believe there will be more active discussions for peace.

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Movie Night in Dili

FEB 2017

Crying Out for PEACE In The Center of Timor-Leste 

Timor-Leste (East Timor) is one of the youngest and the first independent country in the 21st century, gaining its independence in 2002. Being a young country, there is not enough infrastructures and because of this the word “movie” is not a common one. One of the participants in the Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay, also known as the Director of Youth For Peace (YFP), saw this as an opportunity and suggested an idea called “Movie Night” to share the news of peace through movies.

On January 26, 2017, an IPYG member and a participant in the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva, also known as the Director of the East Timor NGO Forum (under FONGTIL), hosted the “Movie Night in Dili” in the FONGTIL conference room. Hosting it in Dili, the capital city of Timor-Leste, many youth members gathered to watch. It was about the achievement of HWPL. The youth had a time to communicate with each other about peace.

The event started with an introduction of the DPCW which was translated into Tetum by Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva. The first Movie Night's video was about the peace activities that were hosted by HWPL and IPYG. It encouraged the youth and helped them understand the DPCW. This was an opportunity for the youth to receive an actual answer on how to achieve peace. Following was a discussion time where the youth had a chance to talk about how to have a better election culture. It was to help the young nation have a clean and good participation in the election for peace and the development of the country.

After the whole event, IPYG had an interview with the participants and many said this type of peace event would have a great impact in spreading the word of peace and agreed to come together in one voice in supporting HWPL peace activities. It was a meaningful time for them as activities of the youth towards peace election is important.

In this event, a total of 60 members from the youth, media and NGO leaders of Timor-Leste gathered. After the event, TVTL, a national broadcast, televised the interview of Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva and a Radio Station, Lorico, aired the news of peace.

Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva, who hosted the event, said he is planning to meet the minister of justice and give him the plans for the DPCW. Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay, who gave this great peace activity plan, is going to continue this event to spread the importance of peace with general movies.

For all the hard work we would like to give our thanks to Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva, Mr. Adolfo Paulo Hornay and Mr. Manuel Simeao.

Below is a part of the interview from Mr. Arsenio Pereira Da Silva.


Q. What was the goal for today’s event?

- It was to share and encourage the NGO’s and the youth members in Timor-Leste.


Q. Do you think this peace event can be hosted in other places in Timor-Leste?

- Yes, I do. Peace is needed for the people in Timor-Leste. As some may know, Timor-Leste experienced occupation by Indonesia for a long period of time. This event means opportunities for Timor-Leste to create a special culture of peace.


Q. Are you ready to fully support HWPL peace activities?

- Of course I am. That is why I am hosting this event today and will continue to support HWPL worldwide peace events, especially in Timor-Leste.


Q. How did you feel attending the peace event today?

- I was impressed when the participants were concentrating on the DPCW video. I felt that they wanted to be part of this peace. This was important for me and Timor-Leste because the participants are members of Timorese society. They can continuously encourage the society and awaken the people about peace effectively.


- Arsenio Pereira da Silva, FONGTIL, Director


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Youths Cycling for Peace

FEB 2017

45-Minute Cycling on the Street with Peace-Loving Nepali Youths

A cycling event was organized to introduce the spirit of peace and the values, vision, and purpose of the IPYG and HWPL to participants as well as Nepali citizens, and to promote the DPCW and muster support. The event gathered the youth to motivate them to move towards peace like the way they cycle, shared the values and vision of the IPYG and HWPL, and engage the participants to promote and advocate the DPCW together. 

The event took place on Saturday, 28 January, from 9:00 to 10:10 (70 minutes total, 45 minutes of cycling). A total of 89 participants, including community leaders and youths, gathered near Hallan Chowk Lakeside in Pokhara with hopes for global peace.

Prior to the event, a course was arranged for cycling, thanks to the cooperation of the social services department of the region. The related officials participated in the cycling event and learned about the peace activities of the IPYG and HWPL. After the event, the officials thanked the IPYG and We Can Group, a Nepali organization that organized the event, for inviting them to such a meaningful event and expressed their willingness to attend similar peace events in the future.

Although many had applied to participate in the cycling event, due to the limited number of bicycles that could be rented, a total of 89 people could participate, including the head of the social security department of Pokhara, a CEO, and journalists for a local daily newspaper. They cycled 45 kilometers for 45 minutes. After the event, the community leaders in different walks of life agreed to work with the host organization to encourage and promote such peace events.

As a member of the IPYG, We Can Group is planning various events based on the DPCW. Through peace essay contests, IPYG peace talk, and school peace clubs, We Can Group will spread the culture of peace of the IPYG and HWPL and draw attention to the key role that the youth play in changing the society and achieving peace. In the long term, the organization plans to foster peace leaders.

The head of We Can Group said he could realize that many youths and citizens are hoping for peace through this event. He also said he is glad to share the vision, goal, and values of the IPYG with them and hopes more people will take part in the future peace programs.

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Peace Maker

FEB 2017

We found Peace Maker while looking for a singer on Facebook for the peace song project for Sudan and South Sudan. They helped us a lot with this project including recommending people to record a peace song and a producer to help work on a song. Peace Maker also performed a "peace song" at a peace concert held on Feburary 25 in South Sudan.


Q. Why did you choose 'Peace Maker' as your Nickname? Is there any special reason?

It is a fan based nickname. I have done a lot of peace songs calling for an end to war since 2013.


Q. How do you feel about joining this Peace Song Project?

I feel honoured. Of course many artists out there in the IPYG chose to work with me and I am ready to see what we achieve in the world together.


Q. How eager are the youth in South Sudan for Peace?

They are 100 percent eager for peace. If you go through social media posts you can know youths are tired of war. In my country we greet people with two fingers pointing up as a sign of peace.


Q. And what do you think is the most important thing for the youth in South Sudan now?

Education. Formal and informal education on peace would really help people to live together.


Q. Do you have any plans to achieve peace in the world, including South Sudan as 'Peace Maker'?

I have started already since 2013 with the results that everybody calls me peace maker. It is not easy to live up to that but I have tried.


Q. Please share any encouraging word to the peace family of IPYG.

It is a good course to plan to achieve peace in the world. I know what you currently started is what the people of the world need. Please don’t give up regardless of whatever challenge you come across. You know when we get peace in the world you would have saved a million lives.  You are on the mission of life saving especially in Africa and above all in my country. Things would really be good for us. IPYG is the best group I have worked with. Full of peace loving youths.

Peace Maker is making peace known to the youth around the world through music. Likewise, we hope peace is spread throughout the world in various ways through talented individuals.

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Peace education seminar that started from Malaysia

FEB 2017

How to Live Happy Seminar

Ms. Mohana Sunthari Syvalingam was one of the guests that attended the second Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit. While participating, she paid close attention to the peace education of HWPL around the globe. After she returned to Malaysia, she worked not only as a member of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee for the Implementation of the International Law on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace, but also looked for schools to hold peace education seminars to increase students’ awareness for peace.

On 25 February, a peace education seminar was held at the Sekolah Damansara Aliff School in Johor, Malaysia, with students aging from 15 to 17 participating. The theme of the seminar was “How to Live Happy.”

To help students who haven’t experienced wars directly to better understand the brutality of war and the necessity of peace, the seminar introduced how to achieve peace in schools first.

The students learned that when differences clash, they lead to disputes and that for peace to take place, we must understand and respect each other.

The seminar was originally scheduled to have all 600 students attending, but as the day overlapped with one of the public holidays, 44 students and five teachers were present. The principal, Tuan Hj. Ma’alim Bin Mamat, plans to hold the seminar again for students that could not participate as soon as possible.

Mr. Mohana said that the event served as a good opportunity to share ideas on peace with the students.

As Malaysia consists of many ethnicities and religions, many events with the purpose of pursuing harmony among people take place within the nation. Against this backdrop, the IPYG will continue to hold peace education seminars with students, who are the future leaders, so that students will lead the way for the realization of harmony.

The next seminar to be held will be on the topic of “Differences and Harmony.” The seminar will not be a one-time event as there will be more in the future. Lastly, Ms. Syvalingam said that she was determined to work together with other schools in the Johor region to heighten awareness for peace education.


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Peaceful Coexistence in multicultural Australia

FEB 2017

Breaking a Peace Piñata

The three NGO’s, IPYG and HWPL, have held the 2nd Peace Builders Forum to commemorate Australia Day in Sydney on January 29th.

Approximately 50 participants from various ethnic and religious backgrounds have gathered together at the Athena School Newtown, to break down barriers that lead to today’s conflicts. They put their hearts and minds together by communicating and sharing ideas about peace to create a culture of peace through a public peace campaign.

Council member, Mr Ernie Friedlander OAM, the chairman of Moving Forward Together, and Hina Khan, from the youth transition, support workers of the Community Migrant Resource Centre and came as special guest speakers to share their values and experiences of peaceful coexistence, as well as support the DPCW.

Hina Khan said, “The DPCW can play an important role in providing a regulatory framework and mindset that values peace for all. I feel a renewed possibility that, as Gandhi would say, ‘We can and will be the change we want to see in the world’. Peace starts with us, is for us, and I’m willing to keep striving until history depicts only the best that our humanity can foster and do.“

Councilor Raj Datta said “This event we are having today, reinforcing that we need to speak up regardless of what is happening in various part of the world, we are mankind and primarily we need to stand up, speak up and say what we want, we want peaceful coexistence, because peace and prosperity go hand in hand”.

There was a peace talk programmed amongst the participants with the given topic 'What we should do to achieve peaceful coexistence,' in which participants discussed how to develop mechanisms of peacebuilding. The questions for discussion included "What does peace mean to you?" and "Do you think there is a way to achieve Peace? If so, how can we achieve it?" Dr. Binh, a representative of the Buddhist Federation commented, "I think that the idea of war started with the idea of authority, power and misunderstanding. One country thinks that they have the right to invade or exploit another country, but in regards to peace, we should go back to the idea of kindheartedness because we respect all human beings regardless of race or cultural differences. We all wish to live happy and to be loved."

The messages that were written on the paper leaves will be used as peace tree leaves for the upcoming forums to add a more beautiful meaning to it. Where the hearts of the peace messages are all practiced and come as one, there the fruit of PEACE will be born.

Followed by the Peace Talk, breaking a piñata was one of the highlights of the event. The piñata symbolizes war, but inside it was a poster of the 10 articles of the DPCW. This activity was to instill the simple idea of togetherness and peaceful coexistence, when we work for peace all together and transcend religion, ethnicity, gender, and age, we can eliminate conflicts and wars.

After breaking the piñata (war), all participants sang together with members of IPYG a song called 'Hand in Hand’. It was truly a moment of peace and harmony with all community participants.

The 3rd Peace Builders Forum is already planned for the 19th of March. And this is to celebrate Harmony Week. It will be another fantastic event to promote peace through the DPCW. Guests are all looking forward to coming to promote peace together.

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Peace Message

FEB 2017

From. Oman TargetPhotography Studio

Whatever that extremism and intolerance named, they are seeds that the soil of Oman will reject it.


From. Uganda Suubi Nursery and Primary school

Hate and anger are never the solution to fix any problem. But love and forgiveness are. So I think we, the youth of the future, should be focusing more on ways of reaching each other with more love to achieve world peace. And once again, I believe social media is one of the best platforms. If we use it correctly it will help so much to achieve this goal. For example, I would never have heard about IPYG if it wasn’t for Facebook!

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New members of FEBRUARY

FEB 2017


The Board of trustees, Management members and staff of the Justice, Peace and Reconciliation movement (JPRM) Nigeria, are very delighted to become part of the IPYG, this is because we share the same vision of making the world a better place through the achievement of peace and cessation of war.

Nigeria is one of the Nations of the World that have over the years suffered as a result of violent conflicts of all sorts arising from injustices, governance issues, resource sharing and control. Recently the issue of violent extremism and terrorism by the Boko Haram members became a source of worry and concern to the entire Nation. The devastating effect of the insurgency and other violent conflicts led to the deaths of thousands of Nigerians, displacement of millions of Nigerians and as well as million losing their means of livelihood.

Therefore, the call for the citizen of the whole world to support the cessation of war and declaration of peace is not only important but urgent. The members of JPRM support this call and we are ready to add our voices to that of the World in this move.

We need the World where women and young people will rise up to these challenges and make our voices heard. Many thanks to IPYG for the great move to bring the world together for peace “Peace is the Gate way to a better World”


• Iraq / Debate 4 Peace

In the event of conflict and hatred that is happening in many places around the world, peace building and promotion became a necessity and that's what I hope to help with through working with IPYG by encouraging debate and fruitful discussion to embrace our differences and to have a better peaceful tomorrow.


• India / Aapka Times

Greetings IPYG and the whole world! We are honoured to be associated with you people, our motto is to capture the campus news across the world and show what campus life is like . Ranging from politics to the finer things in life we cover them all. With IPYG we are hoping to make this world and especially the student's sphere of life more peaceful and secure. Let's join hands and make this world a better place.


• India / Reaching Sky Foundation

We’re much happy to associate with IPYG family. We appreciate that initial talks with IPYG and HWPL who are working peace all across the globe.  Similarly, here in India many people have been the victims.

It is very unfortunate that we are fighting each other with huge loss of lives and livelihood and also there are too many destruction continuously. Even though we are describing peace differently among the people, we all want peace.

We need to realize that how much our future generations are going to suffer because of conflict and violence and war. We sure that we have huge responsibilities to create the peace in the world as a youth. we have the potential abilities to change the world and also we desire to achieve peace with big hope and big actions. As being a change makers, we will face lots of challenges and courage but we need to realize that we are blessed with humanly power of love and compassion. Therefore, we should never stop.

We promise to support peace activities here in India through distinct characteristic. We want for you to remember that you are awesome, and the world will appreciate the value for you by doing peace activities.


• Georgia / Guardians of Ecology

During my working in environmental topics, I’ve already experienced about conflicts in environmental issues. Many people think there are no choice without conflict to solve problems. Finally most of them have the worst results and they start thinking about their mistakes. 

It's time to realize our mistakes on time and start solving different environmental problems. I'm ready to continue working on environmental and conflict topics with other motivated young people. It's time to have World Peace in Environmental issues. 

"No Conflicts, No Environment Problems!" 

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