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To Family of Peace

JAN 2017


To Family of Peace

The New Year 2017 has begun, and the IPYG members around the world are stepping up their peace activities. HWPL Chairman Lee sent a message of peace, along with warm greetings for the New Year 2017, to the members who are working tirelessly for world peace in their respective countries. After receiving Chairman Lee’s message, the IPYG members have sent their replies. Here is a message from Benjamin, a teacher of the Forum for Congolese Refugee Students who has volunteered to interpret English into Kinyarwanda at HWPL peace events.


Good Morning,

I am very honored to read your email and card wishing us a Happy New Year.

In fact, we have to rejoice and feel proud of the work we are doing in our everyday peace initiatives. I personally will continue to make a contribution since I am well convinced that peace struggle should not be undertaken by one single person, country or organization. What we are doing will remain a legacy for the future generations and it is the mission that the Creator Himself will reward.

I fail to express my feelings to you, thank you so much for thinking about me. I just want to seize this opportunity to wish all peacemakers the very happy and prosperous New Year.

Please extend my regards and gratitude to the Chairman and tell him and the whole team in South Korea that they have started a very good job and you will never walk alone,

Thank you.



Again in the year 2017, the IPYG will take the initiative in working for peace and happiness of the youth all around the world by carrying out effective peace activities. The IPYG members are firmly convinced that their peace movement will surprise the world once again.



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Peace Art Contest Held in Different Countries

JAN 2017

The International Peace Youth Group have youths working to prevent war and leave peace as an inheritance for future generations. This is done by planting the mindset and importance of peace into other youths and children through educational activities. From the many activities, the peace art contest that received much attention and love from the children around the world will be introduced.


The cultural education program for adolescents is an important foundation through which the youths grow in virtue. Through various cultural experience activities, youths develop deep cultural values and principles. Regrettably, many children around the world are not provided with the same opportunity to receive an education, which is due to the restraints in nations with frequent war or nations that do not provide fundamental education. Still, everyone has the right to enjoy peace. Therefore, IPYG planned a peace art event for the youths, who are our future, to instill the importance and the heart of the desire for peace. The IPYG peace art contest was held with the purpose to discover the capability of the future of our world, the children. Let us take a look at this.


  • War-Trodden Uganda Draws the Hope of Peace 

2016 December 1 / Uganda / Nwoys Anaka Primary School

In the district of Nwoya, a large-scale event was attended by 1600 people. Uganda has a history of frequent war, so the citizens yearn for peace more than any other nations. That is why ‘death, kidnap, rape, violation of human rights, the restriction of media and expression of innocent citizens from war’ is what the children of Uganda first thought of when asked about peace. However, the innocent Ugandan children momentarily forgot about the dark and painful war through dancing together to the music composed by a Ugandan composer, and they were impressed during the time of signing in support of the DPCW.



  • The Innocent Hearts of Children That Cannot Be Bought

2017 January 13 / Nepal / Kalika Secondary School, Nepal Kailali District

The principal of Gurukul Academy, Sunita Suri, hosted this event because she believed that drawing pictures is the best method for children, who transcend race, language, gender, and age, to express their creativity. In Nepal, there is a course called CEA (Creativity Expressions and Art) that organizes artistic activities such as drawing. This particular event was special because the peace art contest conveyed the children's views of peace. The students of Nepal illustrated peace as school, children, doves, helping people with disabilities, and coexisting. They expressed peace as a simple yet beautiful world where people help each other. The participants mentioned that when everyone described their drawings, unlike the intention of the artist, it was fun to see how the all drawings were viewed differently.


  • Youths of Egypt Hope to Become More Familiar with Peace Than Violence

2016 December 18 / Egypt / Ensan Aid Foundation

 The youths of Egypt gathered under the theme of world peace and coexistence. Youths who participated in this event had a chance to earnestly contemplate about the importance of the cessation of war and world peace. Also, they sincerely felt the need to host this workshop more often to save the youths from war and spread the peace culture all over Egypt. Dr. Mahmoud Abdelwahab Elsaman hosted this event because it was uncommon for the youths in Qena to gather under the theme of peace and coexistence so, he wanted to spread the importance of peace to the youths. Furthermore, endless efforts to provide an opportunity in education will be made so that as the decision makers of the future, the youths will be correctly educated on violence, the importance of peace and contribute in achieving world peace.


  • Becoming One in Peace, Thailand’s Peace Art Contest

2017 January 6 / Thailand / Unified Learning Center (ULC) & Kuraburi Learning Center (KLC)

  An IPYG & FED Peace Art Contest was held in Thailand. There were various contests held before but a peace themed art contest was a first. At the start of the contest, the children viewed it as a simple drawing event so they had little expectations. However, the children became more interested as they imagined peace and drew doves, nature, earth, people holding hands and becoming one. A sculpture drawing was held in Thailand and as the pieces were combined it completed a big picture. Just like this, when the people of peace gather it will achieve a world of peace. Saw Mu Doh, the Education Program Assistant Coordinator of Foundation for Education and Development, hopes that cultural activities similar to this will soon deliver peace to the society of Myanmar and Thailand.

A child who participated in the peace drawing said it was fun to see how other people interpreted his drawing. Like this, the image of peace may be different for everyone. One can say that in order to achieve peace there needs to be fights, war, and death. However, peace in the childrens drawings portrayed the actual peace we desire which is not war and death but coexistence and life. Peace is achieved through love and respect, not harm. We were able to relate to the peace we truly desire through the childrens drawings. Furthermore, to achieve peace in the world as the innocent children portrayed, we need to fulfill our duties for peace.


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For the purpose of ceasing wars peacefully, IPYG & the Ensan Aid Foundation proposed the peace program and a variety of training programs to the youth

JAN 2017

International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and Ensan Aid, a youth organization for strengthening capability of youth based on  community partnership, organized  this event together to train youth how to use the training manual when they train children and youth. The event was joined by approximately 30 members of Ensan Aid.

This event was a movement in which young people collaborated to realize coexistence and peace within the community. With the topic ‘Coexistence and Global Peace’, participants including Safaa Rashad Ibrahim, Executive Director of Fatma El-Zahara Association, and Eman Abo- Khato Ali, Project manager of Community Development Association. The participants discussed how to build the capacity of youth  through human rights.

One of the trainees commented, “The training was a very good and the manual training was wonderful. But only one day of training was not enough to take all things. I want the event to be for three days. We hope to continue the program for coexistence and global peace in Egypt and work with much larger number of young men and women.”

And Mahmoud Elsaman, Honorary President of Ensan Aid, said, “We will continue the peace event and extend the event to three days in order to offer more various trainings for youth with more advanced program.”


IPYG youths around the world are united in one purpose - to share in  love and life through peace projects. Through the continuing training project by IPYG and Ensan Aid, youth can continue to share more creative ideas in order to prevent themselves from having to fight in wars. And they can become aware the importance of realizing peace within their community by being tomorrow’s decision makers.


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Signature-collecting Event for the DPCW: Hand-in-Hand in Tunisia

JAN 2017

University Organisation of Human Development and Handhala For Humanity are working closely with the IPYG to promote peace in Tunisia. The two organizations attended the Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), which was held on 14 March 2016, and the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, which was hosted by HWPL in September of that same year. Inspired by HWPL Chairman Lee who is actively working to achieve peace, they planned the “Hand-in-Hand” event in hopes of encouraging peace in Tunisia.

On 17 December 2016, Scout Tunise and about 300 citizens of Tunis gathered on Avenue Habib Bourguiba, which is the central thoroughfare of Tunis, Tunisia. The purpose of the gathering was to promote the importance of the DPCW by spreading a culture of peace, embodied in Article 10 of the Declaration, and to participate in a signing campaign in support of the DPCW. The participants also had a special time to create the national flag of Tunisia with their handprints, which united them and encouraged them to participate more actively in future peace activities. 

Mr. Oussama Jeljeli, the head of University Organisation of Human Development, said it was a meaningful event in which the citizens of Tunis could think about peace and the DPCW while participating in the signing campaign and making the handprint flag.

He also stated that the DPCW is essential to world peace, and that peace initiatives should be launched based on in-depth discussions of the ten articles of the Declaration.

Handhala For Humanity emphasized that it is important to hold various events that will allow the citizens of Tunisia to think about true peace, and promised to continue working with HWPL, the IPYG, and the IWPG on peace initiatives.

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A Letter from a Peace Messenger in the Philippines

JAN 2017

IPYG met Raxiey Adolfo, Co-founder of International Youth United and a member of IPYG. He held an event ‘The Surigao Peace Caravan’ three times in January. He has a dedication and commitment for peace. He thinks that young people can work for peace on their own with the help of IPYG’s guidance. He knows that HWPL and IPYG have been making constant efforts to achieve peace. He appreciates the dedicated support of IPYG and looks forward to working with us.


I always wanted to work for the benefit of the young people, because I believe that if we see that the world we are living in right now is a mess, the next generation should not experience this situation but rather live in a world where they can play without limit, study in schools without threat of violence and live happily like the stories we see on fiction movies. I know it will not be easy, but it’s never impossible. Working to develop the world we live in starts from us young people and it will emanate from us who will lead the world in the future.

Maybe there are a lot of challenges along our way but there are many things that will make us a better messenger of peace.  It should not be the reason to malign our commitment and hopes for a better world.

If you want a place where you can live peacefully, start the struggle now! Never wait for others to do it for you. You should start it by yourself to  get others on board with you. Start it with yourself and influence others to work for peace! Promise, it works with me!

Raxiey Adolfo

International Youth United


We hope that all the events would proceed well and that peace can be achieved as soon as possible in the Philippines through the peace activities of Mr. Raxiey Adolfo who wrote this letter to IPYG. He got inspired when a member of IPYG said that “we should not stop working unless there's already peace in this world”. Likewise, let’s try to work together for peace in the world.

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New members of JANUARY

JAN 2017

The following are messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Tee4's Girl's Foundation, We Can Group, Nepal Friendship Society (NFS), Southern Ethiopian Youth Association-Addis Ababa Branch, Born To Smile


• Ethiopia / Southern Ethiopian Youth Association-Addis Ababa Branch


We are very glad to see your heart  for collaboration on peace and we appreciate it. It is a great opportunity working with you for peace and I really want to say thank you by myself and on behalf of my delegation of the Southern Youth Association in Addis Ababa Ethiopia!


• Nepal / We Can Group


First, We Can Group is totally a youth group organization with a vision to change the society and nation as we can and to inspire others.

As we before and now totally feel that peace is the only key factor which will really provide everything which every human wants. So we really want to work for peace.

And when I know about IPYG and HWPL, I feel really great about its vision and objectives which it wants to achieve. IPYG is one of the inspirations for us and for every human and organization in the world. IPYG got a unique pattern to work under the peace which really attached and pushed us to join with IPYG.

So, it's been a little more than 5 months that we have been working with IPYG. All the members and officials feel great  about working with IPYG and hope our relationship and vision to spread peace all over the world will be achieved one day.

Thanks for making us part of IPYG.

We will make IPYG sure that we all will never let you guys down and do our 100 % best from our side.


• Nepal / Nepal Friendship Society


It is a great pleasure and a delight to be affiliated with International Peace Youth Group (IPYG). Myself, I am Birendra Poudel, founder of the Nepal Friendship Society. We strongly believe that peace is possible. Working together is our strength to create non-violence and a peaceful world. Every child and youth has the right to a peaceful life. We continue to empower, advocate, organize different peace programs and campaigns, and promote the knowledge of world peace. Our common goal is to enable equality to create and support non-violence in our community, country, and world.


• Nigeria / Tee4 Girl's Foundation


It’s with great pleasure we show our sincere gratitude toward the affiliation between our organization (Tee4 Girl’s Foundation) and the IPYG. As you know, Tee4 Girl’s Foundation is a foundation that aspires to help young teenage girls within and outside society, by encouraging them in building and maintaining self-esteem, and to promote and protect their lives. So therefore Tee4 Girl’s Foundation is ready to give it 100% support in making sure that peace is being restored in the world. Our foundation will use all it skills in promoting peace through different events like drama, peace club and presentations using media houses. We have seen in you the hope to grow big which can only be achieved when peace is being restored. Together we will make the world great again. Peace we stand for.


• Bangladesh / Born To Smile

It is indeed an honor for us to be affiliated with IPYG. We look forward to a partnership that will spread peace and smiles around the globe.

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