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Steps IPYG and HWPL Have Taken Together Towards Peace in 2016

DEC 2016

IPYG and HWPL Become One for Peace

 In 2016, the IPYG has worked with HWPL in building a world of peace. Here are some key events that took place throughout the year.

 At the 2014 World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit, HWPL and political leaders pledged to work towards achieving world peace and cessation of war through international law. After that, the International Law Peace Committee was established in 2015, and finally on 14 March 2016, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) was proclaimed. This Declaration is unique in its aim to root out the causes of war and to spread a culture of peace.

After the DPCW was proclaimed, on 25 May, the Peace Walk was held in 105 cities of 52 countries to commemorate the third anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace, and over 300,000 people participated. As stated in the Declaration of World Peace, youth around the world are becoming one with the IPYG. In just three years since the IPYG was founded, the IPYG has gained about 800 affiliate organizations.

Before the fever cooled down, in September, the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit was held. Renowned political leaders, heads of civic groups, women, youth and religious leaders, and journalists gathered in one place to discuss action plans for presenting the DPCW to the United Nations and achieving adoption. The IPYG and youth representatives also held a meeting to discuss effective ways to advocate the DPCW.

 HWPL and the IPYG are actively engaged in peace initiatives. In the year 2017, the IPYG will continue to work with youth all around the world for peace of the global community. 

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IPYG 2016

DEC 2016

International Peace Youth Group’s Non-stop Work for Peace

 In 2016, the IPYG has worked with about 200 affiliate organizations. Together, they have driven cooperative activities that are categorized into the five areas above. Among them, efforts to advocate the DPCW have been most active. Since the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee was created on 15 March, events and seminars have been held to collect signatures in support of the DPCW and provide training for advocacy. 

Next, there is the Peace Walk. It is an event that the IPYG members like the most, and the walk exhibits the youth’s identity well. As previous years, the Peace Walk was held again this year, and over 30,000 young people around the world walked all for one common goal, world peace.

Also, the IPYG has made efforts in the field of education by holding various essay and drawing contests on the topic of peace and by designating Peace Academies. Education professionals and experts have engaged in youth and children’s education projects so that the world’s future leaders receive proper education, contribute to the society, and enjoy a legacy of peace.

 Seeing young people in different parts of the world working with youth groups as well as political and community leaders to host meetings and events, it seems clear that the youth will bring the world much closer to peace. In the year 2017, the IPYG is determined to continue with its innovative peace initiatives and contribute to building a peaceful world.

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Oman IPYG Promoting Video

DEC 2016

Oman IPYG Promoting Video Made by Sultan Khalfan Al Abdali


 Mr. Sultan Khalfan Al Abdali is the founder and CEO of Target Photography Studios. He is a great man who contacted us personally after watching the 'Arirang' video clip online. He loves Korean cultures, especially Taekwondo which he has been learning for more than 10 years. Furthermore, he has been learning the Korean language as well as how to use chopstick since he participated in the 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP summit in September, 2016.  Although he usually says that his circumstances are not good enough to support us well, we truly believe that he is a reliable cooperator who loves Korea as much as Oman.

1. Could you introduce what peace activities you have done so far?

I haven’t had many opportunities to work for peace projects but I have participate in many humanitarian events such as cleaning the beaches, helping the poor, bringing smiles to the workers that take care of our country. After attending the WARP summit in September 2016, I made an IPYG promotional video with dearest heart for peace.

2. What kind of country is Oman? How do the youth in Oman define peace?

Oman is a Muslim, Arabic country in the Middle East. The youth in Oman care so much about world peace and believe that we can achieve peace by respecting others’ opinions.

3. What role can the youth play in achieving peace?

I think it’s very important to gather the youth from all around the world to one large event and provide them with the opportunity to sit together and share their opinions and thoughts on how to spread love and respect. This is why I participated in the last WARP Summit. Now I feel as if I have a family in Korea. I hope many youth of the world can participate in these events to communicate and understand each other. I think this experience should be given to many more youth of the world.

4. You recently made a promotional video of IPYG with Omani kids. It has moved many youth of the world and made them work for peace more. What message do you want to spread through this video?

The idea of this video is to tell the world that every human is born with pure heart! As we have seen through the video, all kids have very pure hearts! First of all, did you know that these kids had never met each other before? It was their first time to meet but they smiled so beautifully to each other and became friends in just minutes! We also never told them what to say in the interviews. We just asked them what they would like to do for those kids around the world who are dying from wars and hunger. So the message is “Let’s all think like a child, with a pure heart”.


5. Please let us know what activities you want to do with IPYG in the future.

I don’t really know about all the projects which IPYG is doing so I can’t select one which fit me well. But I have a small idea of what you doing and I think it will help spreading IPYG popularity in Oman and maybe other country as well. In Oman and in all Gulf countries, people use social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. These are so famous and almost every youth in the Gulf countries have all of these social media applications on his or her mobile. So I think it would be great if IPYG convinced each group to create a video of their team and their activities which they did during their staying in Korea and IPYG should open a special page in social media to share all these videos from these various youth.

We hope to get build a stronger friendship between Mr. Sultan and IPYG in 2017 so that numerous youth in Oman may join IPYG.

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Peace Gimbap for Syrian Refugees

DEC 2016

IPYG and Canadian University Students in Alberta Hold Fundraiser for Syrian Refugees


 On 6 December 2016, 8 students from the University of Alberta and MacEwan University gathered on the campus of the University of Alberta and held a fundraiser for Syrian refugees. The students planned to personally cook and sell a type of food that is familiar to Koreans but expensive for youths living in other countries, and deliver the profits to Syrian refugees.

 Although there are differing views on refugee issues in Canada, there are also many organizations that warmly welcome refugees and help them settle in with less difficulty. This year-end and Christmas charity event was suggested by Canadian youths, who learned about the philosophy of HWPL and the IPYG at a DPCW Forum that was held in Canada last month. On the day of the event, students sold personally-made gimbap, and earnestly engaged in the gimbap-making event for Syrian refugees.

All university students buying gimbap were asked to write a message of peace to Syrian refugees. For youths who participated in the event, it was a good opportunity to rethink about the importance of peace and cessation of war through the IPYG’s sincere work. Also, the participants expressed their gratitude for being able to take part in this meaningful event, which allowed them to feel how much interest Canadian youths have toward Syrian refugees.

 The event ended smoothly, and the profits made from selling gimbap as well as messages of peace are to be delivered to MHBC, an organization that helps Syrian refugees, through a professor of the University of Alberta. As the year 2016 is coming to an end, the IPYG looks forward to seeing the hope of peace, which began to bloom in the hearts of Canadian youths, bloom in other parts of Canada, Syria, and the whole world in 2017.

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DPCW is Introduced to University Students in Paris, France

DEC 2016

1st DPCW Seminar in France


 On 30 November 2016 in Paris, France, a seminar was held with 17 law students of CEP Luxembourg to introduce and discuss the DPCW. CEP Luxembourg is an organization where Catholic students majoring in law are gathered to exchange knowledge and cultures.

 During this 1st DPCW Seminar held in France, the IPYG and HWPL were introduced, and the participants watched a video explaining each article of the DPCW. Afterwards, the participants actively discussed their thoughts on the Declaration.

After the seminar, a law student named Robin gave an interview about world peace and the current state of the world. He said, “The advocacy for the DPCW is for a good cause, and in France, I think it would be a good start to make contact with people at different levels of society.” He also stated that IPYG should start by making contacts with workers, intellectuals, youth, women, and others in France, and it is important to first approach those who are against the use of force and weapons. The 1st DPCW Seminar held in France awakened the French youth to the role youth have and the importance of becoming one for peace.

 In the year 2017, the IPYG will continue to hold DPCW seminars to discuss the Declaration with law students in France and work with the French youth in advocacy efforts.

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Conference to Foster Peace Leaders in Indonesia

DEC 2016

Peace Seminar for Continuous Work of Peace


 After attending the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, Mr. Zainul Fuad, a Dean of Islamic State University (UIN) North Sumatra, returned to his home country with the hope of holding a peace seminar in Medan City so that Indonesian students could also get a chance to participate in a seminar like the WARP Summit. As he had hoped, on 9 December, a peace seminar was held at the auditorium of the university. For Indonesian student representatives, it was a valuable opportunity to prepare themselves to hold peace seminars in the future.

 The peace seminar was attended by student representatives and faculties from 20 universities in Medan City, members of the Chinese Indonesian Association (INTI), the president and Dean, Mr. Zainul Fuad, of UIN North Sumatra, and leaders representing Buddhism and Islam. This seminar introduced peace initiatives of HWPL and the IPYG, and it stressed the important role youth have in establishing peace and the need to implement the DPCW.

The student representatives in attendance showed their determination to actively participate in advocacy efforts in support of the DPCW. After the seminar, Peace Seminar and Education Program was held, in which participants could experience war second-hand and exchange opinions on how to better support and promote the Declaration. The students who took part in the program said it was a special time to better understand why peace is needed from the second-hand experience of war.

 The Indonesian students who joined the seminar decided to create Group Talking Program and hold regular meetings to share what they have felt from working with HWPL and the IPYG. They also decided to carry out online activities such as making and posting peace-related cartoons or news articles to raise the youth’s awareness on the need for peace.

The IPYG looks forward to more active peace work happening in Medan City, Indonesia, in the coming year of 2017.

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Russian Med Students Discuss What They Can Do for World Peace

DEC 2016

Impact of Medicine on Mankind and Peace Work


 On 1 December, a special conference was hosted by Basili Nikulenkov, an IPYG Publicity Ambassador in Russia. About 40 students from Siberian Federal University and Krasnoyarsk State Medical University and Basili Nikulenkov gathered at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, and IPYG youth volunteers in South Korea also joined the conference online.

 The participants discussed the role of youth in building peace and resolving global issues. The discussion was kicked off by a Dean of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University, who spoke about the intersection of medical education and international cooperation, and expressed her appreciation for a conference dealing with peace, a global issue, held in the medical community. She also stressed how important it is for medical students to engage in voluntary and humanitarian works.

The Dean’s remarks were followed by a teleconference between university students in Russia and IPYG members in Seoul, South Korea. The main theme of the conference was “The Impact of Medicine on Mankind and Peace Work.” Students gave speeches on the responsibilities that young medical students have in the international community and how global issues can be resolved through medicine.

The Russian students pointed that medical care is urgently needed for victims of wars and disasters around the world, who are suffering from diseases and malnutrition, but Russian volunteers have been too occupied with their local issues to pay attention to peace and other global matters. 

After that, Korean IPYG members introduced Chairman Lee of HWPL, who, after fighting in the Korean War, has dedicated his entire life to peace. The Russian university students were inspired when they heard about Mr. Lee working to carry the message of peace to heads of state, civil societies, youth, women, the media, and religious leaders around the world, and inspiring growth in peace activities of Korean youth.

The Russian university students in attendance showed great interest in the achievement that Mr. Lee made in Mindanao, Philippines. They highly recognized the fact that Mr. Lee mediated the signing of the Mindanao Peace Agreement in an effort to cease the 40-year conflict in Mindanao. They also watched video footage from the 2015 Oxford Model United Nations Conference and learned that chief justices, heads of bar associations, ministers of justice and foreign affairs in various countries took part in drafting the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

 The Russian youth were impressed to learn that the IPYG’s volunteer work is not confined to just one country, but extends to the whole world. Inspired by seeing people in various fields including women, youth, international law experts, religious leaders, and journalists all working together for a common goal, the Russian youth expressed their willingness to cooperate with the IPYG. As a result, the university students in Krasnoyarsk are set to co-host more online conferences with the IPYG. The conference turned out to be a meaningful occasion where the Russian youth could feel the hope of peace growing in their hearts.

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New members of December

DEC 2016

 The following are messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA), Orunodoyer Torun Dal (OTD), Trust For Community Development (TCD), International Youth Association “Youth Leader”, Georgian Model United Nations Association (GMUNA)


  • Bangladesh/Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA)

Greetings from Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA)! It is a great opportunity for us to get associated with IPYG and cooperate with you. We hope to work for a better community together as a team.

  • Bangladesh/Orunodoyer Torun Dal (OTD)

Greetings and thanksgiving to all IPYG family from Orunodoyer Torun Dal (OTD)! I hope you are well in peace and sound health. I am very much appreciated to be affiliated of IPYG. I hope for a positive cooperation.


  • Pakistan/Trust For Community Development (TCD)

It is great pleasure for TCD to become a part of the International Peace Youth Group from Pakistan. We are all ready to work for peace as well as youth empowerment and learning opportunities. The IPYG platform would be helpful for us too. We look forward to our future cooperation.


  • Georgia/International Youth Association “Youth Leader”

Hello from sunny and peaceful Georgia! Our goals are almost similar in that we want to make a more friendly, educated and peaceful world. We believe that knowledgeable people will not start war, and we as the young association will do everything for this because we are developing many local and global projects! We hope that our cooperation with IPYG will be the step for a bright and peaceful future for whole world!


  • Georgia/Georgian Model United Nations Association (GMUNA)

It is an honor and pleasure for GMUNA to become partners with IPYG. In the Tbilisi MUN 2016, we had a presentation of IPYG and the DPCW, and the meeting was very successful. We also planned our future partnership and event which will be implemented in spring.

Today's world needs peace and kindness. We need people who will take care of each other. We need strong a society and a generation of youth who will fight against violence, pressure, discrimination, abuse of human dignity and constitutional rights. We should stay together and our voices should be heard in this world. The youth are the future!

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