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Religious Leaders Unite under Peace and Truth

NOV 2016

Religious leaders meeting for solidarity in truth

 Religious causes account for many conflicts around the world. Even if attempts to prevent wars and conflicts are made through international law, it would be difficult to achieve complete peace on this earth if these deeply rooted religious disputes are not fully resolved.

Today, religion has failed to resolve or mediate political, economic and ethnic factors leading to conflicts but rather has intensified them into bloodshed and wars. The United Nations and countries around the world have strongly called to take a strong stand against violent extremism committed in the name of religion.

HWPL has come to a point where religion can be discussed, and where we can search for the truth which follows the teachings of the Creator, uphold and promote the true values of religion such as love, respect, harmony and peace.

At the World Alliance of Religions' Peace (WARP) Summit in 2014, religious leaders signed the Unity of Religion Agreement and pledged before the Creator and people of all nations to bring all religions into one. Afterwards, the HWPL WARP Office was established to discuss fundamental aspects of religion and solutions to create peace based on inter-religious understandings on a wide variety of topics.

During this year's summit, over 200 leaders representing 16 religions gathered to discuss the necessity of seeking trustworthy scriptures, and reaffirmed their solidarity to be active proponents of achieving peace as religious leaders.

 Part I – Religious Leaders Meeting for Solidarity in Truth

During the first part of the conference, participants saw the progress on scripture dialogue through the WARP Office meetings and were reminded of the role that religious leaders play. People are urging harmony among religions and emphasizing the role of the leaders in bringing an end to wars and achieving peace in our generations. Scripture dialogues at HWPL interfaith peace meetings are taking place all around the world to truly create the alliance of religions.

 Part II Dialogue Scripture

Around 167 religious leaders who had previously participated at HWPL's WARP Office meetings in their respective countries held panel discussions. Religious leaders representing various faiths such as Greek Orthodox, Anglican Church, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism participated in panels. Each member of the panel discussed their religion to find out what constitutes a trustworthy scripture.

Religious leaders raised their united voices to call for a search for trustworthy scriptures and become one under the truth to bring peace among interfaith societies. They all agreed that 'Prophecies and fulfillment' recorded in religious texts constitutes the basis of trustworthy scriptures.

This accomplishment is more significant as religious leaders from various backgrounds have come to this conclusion through collective agreement. Part II of the International Religious Leaders' Conference examined the necessity and validity of scripture comparison during the WARP office meetings.

Participating at WARP Office meetings to bring forth the alliance of religions based on the comparison of scriptures would be a top priority task for religious leaders. Based on today's discussions, we anticipate participants will engage in WARP offices in more active inter-religious dialogue.

 Overall Outcome of the HWPL International Religious Leaders Conference

  • The importance and need for religions to solidify under a trustworthy scripture was realized.
  • The need for religious leaders to engage in discussions to establish standards to help people of all faiths entrust their hopes in the scripture was agreed upon by the six panelists and audience members from PART II: Dialogue of Scriptures.
  • “Prophecy and fulfillment” was agreed upon by six religious leaders as a defining attribute that helps validate a scripture to be trustworthy and true.
  • Religious leaders' committed to help HWPL find a scripture with a unifying truth to bring an alliance of religions.
  • Wars and conflicts on all levels can only truly come to an end when religious disputes cease to exist, and religions come to an alliance in solidarity under a unifying truth.

The HWPL International Religious Leaders Conference was a time for religious leaders to reaffirm the necessity of finding a trustworthy scripture and its attributes. HWPL strives to continue the search to find the cause that divides the religions within the scriptures. Why do the Hindus study the Vedas? Why do the Christians put their faith in the Holy Bible? Why do the Muslims base their life on the Quran? What makes a Scripture a holy text - a book humanity puts their faith in?

In search of these answers, HWPL aims to work with the local religious leaders throughout all parts of the world to set an unbiased standard that makes religious texts holy and true. What are the attributes that believers and non-believers alike expect scriptures to provide? Which scriptures provide such aspects? These are questions HWPL WARP Offices will work together with religious leaders to find answers to through future Dialogue of Scriptures.

There are various religions in the world, and each religion has its own beliefs and practices. But through the efforts to advance understanding and mutual respect among religions, all the people around the world hope for a lifelong dream, world peace, to be realized soon.  

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Advocacy Forum Held in Palestine; Leaders of 5 Sectors Gathered

NOV 2016

A meeting to discuss actions plans for developing the DPCW into legally binding form

 The DPCW, which was proclaimed with the active support of the distinguished international law experts and civil society, has brought numerous advocacy movements in order to develop the declaration into an international legal foundation for peace throughout the world. The 2nd Annual Commemoration of World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit has triggered global cooperation and Palestine is no exception.

Social representatives including politicians, leaders of civil society, women organizations, and media gathered together to support peace at the advocacy meeting for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) on 31 October at Palestinian Agricultural Relief Building, Al-Ma'ahed in Ramallah, Palestine.

While the world, and especially the Middle Eastern nations, is full of grievances and fury due to the armed violence perpetrated by terrorists, peace is needed the most in Palestine since it has gone through wars for decades. The aim of the advocacy meeting held in Ramallah, the capital of Palestine, was to discuss how the leaders promote and support the declaration effectively, in a way that fits the situation in the country. Large discussions during the meeting encouraged a lot of attendance from the participants.

The speech of Dr. Cho, the Middle East Regional Manager of HWPL about the importance of DPCW to achieve peace in the region, followed by 3 folksongs of peace, started the meeting. While many leaders from each sector presented their opinions about the declaration, Dr. Mutaz M. Qafisheh, the dean of the law department of Hebron University, said, “The declaration is a great initiative and it is indeed the right time to have such a vital instrument added to the already existing international law.”

The highlight of the meeting was deep discussion among Palestinian leaders which drew specified plans. Most importantly, all the leaders recognized that everyone in the forum has to sign the declaration first. The ideas presented were as follows: holding forums in different cities and villages to reach all corners of Palestinians; introducing the declaration through intensive media such as TV and radios; and running educational programs in universities. After the discussion, there was a video message of Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL with the theme of global efforts for peacebuilding. The signature campaign for the declaration ensued as an action of support and all the participants affirmed their firm hearts for peace during the closing.

 After the forum, there were inspirational remarks from the leaders of youth organizations. Mr. Muharram Barghouthi, General Director of the Palestinian Youth Union said, “The most interesting was the variety of the attendance in addition to the rich suggestions and discussion to have cooperative work in order to achieve peace. We will continue in contact with different association and we suggest to hold other forums like this one in different part of Northern and Southern parts."

Ms. Dalia Jadallah, member of the Asayel Dance Group who took part in the meeting with 40 signatures from the youth of the group said, "As young people who still study in universities and schools, the most useful thing we can do is to spread the declaration in universities and Schools through educational and non-educational activities. Also we hope to promote it to other Palestinian folklore dancing groups. If the 2nd meeting will be held, we would be very grateful to participate."

Also Mr. Naseef Muallem, the Director General of the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy said, "I was happy when I saw all while signing on the charter, all of them were happy, I signed it as well. I think we, the Palestinian should be active in gathering as much as many signatures to reach the one million signatures to be presented the United Nation. Finally, I would like to thank all who have made this event a success." He emphasized that Palestinians themselves need to combine their efforts for this initiative.

 As a beginning of this forum, the DPCW will be spread in grand-scale to all corners of Palestine to get one million signatures by encouraging collaboration between each organization and actualizing the ideas discussed during the forum. Palestine will demonstrate its honor as a nation of peace when every Palestinian including the youth and women know the DPCW and awaken to peace.

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The Role of the Youth Discussed for Practical Peace in Cape Town

NOV 2016

Gathering to discuss promoting and developing the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) to Southern Africa as a follow up event to 2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th World Alliance Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit

 On the 31st of October, a peace event to acknowledge the 2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th WARP Summit was held at the Cape Town City Hall. The 2nd Annual event attendees from South Africa gathered once more at the peace event held in Cape Town where the methods to urge the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) were discussed.

 During the Cape Town event, HWPL South African Branch showed the highlights video of the 2nd Annual Commemoration of September 18th WARP Summit and shared the ongoing Footsteps of Peace.

The leaders of both youth and women organizations who participated in this event had a chance to reflect on peace through the video, as well as though the peace messages given by the speakers. Through these the participants were moved to dwell on how important it is to gather their minds as one for the cause of peace.

Speaking at the event, Kotokeni Tomas Shimbindja, the President of Namibia Youth Development Organization, said that “Young people need to be educated, young people need to be told of the importance of peace and why they should maintain a peaceful world. They also need to know why the DPCW is very important for one and why it should be implemented within the United Nations for example.”

Along with Kotokeni Tomas Shimbindja, many other renowned guests such as the Principal of Arcadia High School, the Secretary General of South African Student’s Union, and the Youth Peer Educator Coordinator for Africa Unite and Founder of Youth Empowerment Action participated in this event as well.

 As a result, IPYG South African Branch (and IWPG) decided to focusing on planting thoughts of peace into people’s minds so that they could advocate for peace, starting with their immediate community through various events—peace cultural evenings, peace tournaments and by promoting peace continuously. IPYG and IWPG South African Branch are working in various ways to promote the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) and peace work.

SA branch youths are actively working on promoting DPCW through peace events and activities, such as the Peace Walk and the “Legislate Peace” Campaign for gathering signatures of supports for the Implementation of the International Law.

IPYG, being an international youth organization with the goal of achieving peace, is working towards gathering the youth around the world under peace and to share the love and life granted from heaven. As mentioned above, it is working to cease all wars and bring peace. IPYG believes that the youth are the future, and it is up to them to sustain the legacy of peace.

For more information about IPYG, please visit http://ipyg.org/

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Peace Culture: A Global Need

NOV 2016

A letter from a peace messenger from Indonesia

 IPYG met Zainul Fuad, Dean of the Islamic State University (UIN) North Sumatra and a member of IPYG. He participated in the 2nd Annual commemoration of the World Alliance of Religion’s Peace (WARP) Summit as a peace messenger. He truly has a mind for peace and will be processed with the Education Program and Peace Seminar in December 2016. He knows that HWPL and IPYG have been working on peace activities for world peace, and that HWPL and IPYG have always made an effort to achieve peace. Now, let us see read what he would like to say to the IPYG of the world.

Dear. IPYG of the world

As one of the participants of the last 2nd Annual commemoration of World Alliance of Religion’s Peace (WARP) Summit, my concern in life is only peace, and I was so impressed and touched by the chairman of HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee through this summit. It’s an honor to be part of HWPL members, the family of peace, to work for peace together as one and I would also like to express my intention to cooperate with IPYG in building world peace. The current situation in Indonesia regarding interreligious relations is quite precarious, and the political issues have also made social relations fragile. This compounded by the issue of religious blasphemy for a certain political purpose.

In this situation, I feel that spreading a culture of peace is the most important work of the world, including Indonesia which struggles to find solutions to the potential appearance of interreligious conflicts. Through our organization CENTER FOR PEACE STUDIES, we would like to organize the Education Program and a Peace Seminar to raise awareness toward peace and learn how important peace is for the youth. In December 2016, the event will be attended by the representatives of students from various universities in North Sumatra.

For this purpose, I would be very grateful if the INTERNATIONAL PEACE YOUTH GROUP (IPYG) could cooperate and help us facilitate the success of this program so as for it to be one of the ways to spread peace in Indonesia. I do believe peace can be achieved as the chairman of HWPL says, and I support HWPL and IPYG.


Zainul Fuad

Islamic State University (UIN) North Sumatra


 We hope that the events planned would be successful and that peace may be achieved as soon as possible in Indonesia through the peace activities of Mr. Zainul Fuad who wrote this letter to IPYG. We would like to say to the peace advocates who read this article. “Let’s try to achieve peace together as one”

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New members of November

NOV 2016

 The following are messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: National Federation of Youth NGO, Nai Umeed Welfare Organization, Peace T.A.Y.O (To All Youth Organization), Young Generation Chinese Indonesian in Medan

1) Nepal / National Federation of Youth NGO


 I, on behalf of IPYG, thank you very much for cooperation with IPYG. We are sincerely touched by what we have seen during the 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit Peace Festival. Sincerely, we want to combine our strength together to fulfill our goal. We are prepared and ready for IPYG and NFYN, and look forward to working together to bring ultimate peace in the world.


2) Pakistan / Nai Umeed Welfare Organization

 We are Nai Umeed Welfare organization. We appreciate to your great concern to have affiliation with you. We hope we will keep on working together and time to time share the activities made. We again thank to be a part of IPYG and hope to work for peace and humanity with you till long.


3) Philippines / Peace T.A.Y.O (To All Youth Organization)


4) Indonesia / Young Generation Chinese Indonesian in Medan

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