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New members of JUNE

JUN 2017

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: IVCA , Road Experience

• Thailand  / IVCA

Our international volunteer group IVCA does educational awareness activities incorporating peace to our children in Thailand. We believe our group can support IPYG to build a stronger connection and we can be one of the representatives for IPYG in Thailand.

• Thailand  / Road Experience

Promoting and building peace is very important, especially to support the countries that are affected by violent conflict around the world.  Therefore, we would like to help IPYG spreading peace activities to our area.

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New members of APRIL

APR 2017

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Youth peace Ministries, Help for Afghan Heroes(H4AH), Fontaine Isoko, Innovative Orion , WASH Sierra Leon

• Rwanda / Youth peace Ministries

It is valuable contribution to the  members of YPM to affiliate in order to strengthen peace in the world through helping IPYG's activities of peace in different manners of ways and also this partnership is going help in establishing unit and peace among Rwandan Youth everywhere.

Thank you God bless you

• Rwanda / Help for Afghan Heroes(H4AH)

Greeting from H4AH to YPYG Magazine readers: Living in all over the world without any violence and war. It is every individual responsibility to take part in paving the way of comfort and peace. It is irritant to hear the voice of victims, but it is more delighted to hear the voice of Pigeon which is flying and spreading out the freedom so that lets come together to generate peaceful environment for living safety in all over the World.

• Burundi / Fontaine Isoko

• Nepal / Innovative Orion 

Greetings to all valuable members of IPYG. The present world wants peace. A single person may contribute in building peace but for the sustainable peace we need to go together joining hand in hands. We hope that the self connection and understanding among people is a must for peace and it can  created only through communications: i.e peace rallies, peace talks and activities like drawing, painting, making peace speech, games, singing and dancing. The work of IPYG - bringing different organizations working for the same goals together is praiseworthy. We are very glad to be a partner of IPYG and hope for a better and peaceful global society with happiness and prosperity. The continuous support and inspiration from IPYG, it's members and Gyu Ri Lee cannot be expressed in a sentence and hope the same support and inspiration will continue in the days to come. Sending lot of mountain energy and positive vibes from the country of Himalayas. Be Happy.


• Sierra Leon / WASH Sierra Leon

I’ve been interested in the peace work of HWPL, especially the Peace Walk which was very impressive.

To achieve peace, everything must be collaborated together and it would not be possible alone. All of the mechanisms should be mobilized and we must cooperate together both nationally and internationally.

Our desire for peace must be spread to the whole world so that the voice of peace would be able to dominate the world.

It is a great pleasure to work with IPYG.

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New members of MARCH

MAR 2017

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Kafka Welfare Organization, International Center For Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue, ECOWAS Y-Council, Triumphant Youth Organization Kaduna, Somos CaPAZes and Ibdaa Youth Group


• Pakistan / Kafka Welfare Organization

Greetings from Kafka Welfare Organization (KWO) collaborating with IPYG is a great opportunity and we are hopeful to fully cooperate.

We hope to bring positive change in community jointly. We also believe in peace and conflict resolution.




Armenia / International Center For Intercultural Research, Learning and Dialogue

Warm greetings from Armenia!

I am very happy for this opportunity of getting in touch with you and for many opportunities that will surely appear, that we can combine our efforts for achieving peace in the world.  And I am very happy that we really start from the peace inside of us, and sharing with each other, and this is the real basis that we can build on Peace for others.



Nigeria / ECOWAS Y-Council

I am happy to let you know that the leadership of ECOWAS Youth Council is very much appreciative and glad about the international peace youth group 1 affiliation in other to strengthen peace and good security in all manners of ways in the world and Africa by extension. It is to show our readiness to work with you all to bring peace into Africa and make her a better place for all to live. This will help and strengthen a strong movement which will embrace peace at all times and also advocate for peace in all urban and rural areas of Africa and the world by extension.



Nigeria / Triumphant Youth Organization Kaduna

My first impression, When i had about IPYG, the first thing I did was going through there activities via internet and communication through a Bona-fide Member IPYG Mr Aminu Maipampo, which I feel impressed on the role playing by the IPYG in the world and enlightening youth on Peace.


Colombia / Somos CaPAZes



Syria / Ibdaa Youth Group


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New members of FEBRUARY

FEB 2017


The Board of trustees, Management members and staff of the Justice, Peace and Reconciliation movement (JPRM) Nigeria, are very delighted to become part of the IPYG, this is because we share the same vision of making the world a better place through the achievement of peace and cessation of war.

Nigeria is one of the Nations of the World that have over the years suffered as a result of violent conflicts of all sorts arising from injustices, governance issues, resource sharing and control. Recently the issue of violent extremism and terrorism by the Boko Haram members became a source of worry and concern to the entire Nation. The devastating effect of the insurgency and other violent conflicts led to the deaths of thousands of Nigerians, displacement of millions of Nigerians and as well as million losing their means of livelihood.

Therefore, the call for the citizen of the whole world to support the cessation of war and declaration of peace is not only important but urgent. The members of JPRM support this call and we are ready to add our voices to that of the World in this move.

We need the World where women and young people will rise up to these challenges and make our voices heard. Many thanks to IPYG for the great move to bring the world together for peace “Peace is the Gate way to a better World”


• Iraq / Debate 4 Peace

In the event of conflict and hatred that is happening in many places around the world, peace building and promotion became a necessity and that's what I hope to help with through working with IPYG by encouraging debate and fruitful discussion to embrace our differences and to have a better peaceful tomorrow.


• India / Aapka Times

Greetings IPYG and the whole world! We are honoured to be associated with you people, our motto is to capture the campus news across the world and show what campus life is like . Ranging from politics to the finer things in life we cover them all. With IPYG we are hoping to make this world and especially the student's sphere of life more peaceful and secure. Let's join hands and make this world a better place.


• India / Reaching Sky Foundation

We’re much happy to associate with IPYG family. We appreciate that initial talks with IPYG and HWPL who are working peace all across the globe.  Similarly, here in India many people have been the victims.

It is very unfortunate that we are fighting each other with huge loss of lives and livelihood and also there are too many destruction continuously. Even though we are describing peace differently among the people, we all want peace.

We need to realize that how much our future generations are going to suffer because of conflict and violence and war. We sure that we have huge responsibilities to create the peace in the world as a youth. we have the potential abilities to change the world and also we desire to achieve peace with big hope and big actions. As being a change makers, we will face lots of challenges and courage but we need to realize that we are blessed with humanly power of love and compassion. Therefore, we should never stop.

We promise to support peace activities here in India through distinct characteristic. We want for you to remember that you are awesome, and the world will appreciate the value for you by doing peace activities.


• Georgia / Guardians of Ecology

During my working in environmental topics, I’ve already experienced about conflicts in environmental issues. Many people think there are no choice without conflict to solve problems. Finally most of them have the worst results and they start thinking about their mistakes. 

It's time to realize our mistakes on time and start solving different environmental problems. I'm ready to continue working on environmental and conflict topics with other motivated young people. It's time to have World Peace in Environmental issues. 

"No Conflicts, No Environment Problems!" 

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New members of JANUARY

JAN 2017

The following are messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Tee4's Girl's Foundation, We Can Group, Nepal Friendship Society (NFS), Southern Ethiopian Youth Association-Addis Ababa Branch, Born To Smile


• Ethiopia / Southern Ethiopian Youth Association-Addis Ababa Branch


We are very glad to see your heart  for collaboration on peace and we appreciate it. It is a great opportunity working with you for peace and I really want to say thank you by myself and on behalf of my delegation of the Southern Youth Association in Addis Ababa Ethiopia!


• Nepal / We Can Group


First, We Can Group is totally a youth group organization with a vision to change the society and nation as we can and to inspire others.

As we before and now totally feel that peace is the only key factor which will really provide everything which every human wants. So we really want to work for peace.

And when I know about IPYG and HWPL, I feel really great about its vision and objectives which it wants to achieve. IPYG is one of the inspirations for us and for every human and organization in the world. IPYG got a unique pattern to work under the peace which really attached and pushed us to join with IPYG.

So, it's been a little more than 5 months that we have been working with IPYG. All the members and officials feel great  about working with IPYG and hope our relationship and vision to spread peace all over the world will be achieved one day.

Thanks for making us part of IPYG.

We will make IPYG sure that we all will never let you guys down and do our 100 % best from our side.


• Nepal / Nepal Friendship Society


It is a great pleasure and a delight to be affiliated with International Peace Youth Group (IPYG). Myself, I am Birendra Poudel, founder of the Nepal Friendship Society. We strongly believe that peace is possible. Working together is our strength to create non-violence and a peaceful world. Every child and youth has the right to a peaceful life. We continue to empower, advocate, organize different peace programs and campaigns, and promote the knowledge of world peace. Our common goal is to enable equality to create and support non-violence in our community, country, and world.


• Nigeria / Tee4 Girl's Foundation


It’s with great pleasure we show our sincere gratitude toward the affiliation between our organization (Tee4 Girl’s Foundation) and the IPYG. As you know, Tee4 Girl’s Foundation is a foundation that aspires to help young teenage girls within and outside society, by encouraging them in building and maintaining self-esteem, and to promote and protect their lives. So therefore Tee4 Girl’s Foundation is ready to give it 100% support in making sure that peace is being restored in the world. Our foundation will use all it skills in promoting peace through different events like drama, peace club and presentations using media houses. We have seen in you the hope to grow big which can only be achieved when peace is being restored. Together we will make the world great again. Peace we stand for.


• Bangladesh / Born To Smile

It is indeed an honor for us to be affiliated with IPYG. We look forward to a partnership that will spread peace and smiles around the globe.

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New members of December

DEC 2016

 The following are messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA), Orunodoyer Torun Dal (OTD), Trust For Community Development (TCD), International Youth Association “Youth Leader”, Georgian Model United Nations Association (GMUNA)


  • Bangladesh/Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA)

Greetings from Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA)! It is a great opportunity for us to get associated with IPYG and cooperate with you. We hope to work for a better community together as a team.

  • Bangladesh/Orunodoyer Torun Dal (OTD)

Greetings and thanksgiving to all IPYG family from Orunodoyer Torun Dal (OTD)! I hope you are well in peace and sound health. I am very much appreciated to be affiliated of IPYG. I hope for a positive cooperation.


  • Pakistan/Trust For Community Development (TCD)

It is great pleasure for TCD to become a part of the International Peace Youth Group from Pakistan. We are all ready to work for peace as well as youth empowerment and learning opportunities. The IPYG platform would be helpful for us too. We look forward to our future cooperation.


  • Georgia/International Youth Association “Youth Leader”

Hello from sunny and peaceful Georgia! Our goals are almost similar in that we want to make a more friendly, educated and peaceful world. We believe that knowledgeable people will not start war, and we as the young association will do everything for this because we are developing many local and global projects! We hope that our cooperation with IPYG will be the step for a bright and peaceful future for whole world!


  • Georgia/Georgian Model United Nations Association (GMUNA)

It is an honor and pleasure for GMUNA to become partners with IPYG. In the Tbilisi MUN 2016, we had a presentation of IPYG and the DPCW, and the meeting was very successful. We also planned our future partnership and event which will be implemented in spring.

Today's world needs peace and kindness. We need people who will take care of each other. We need strong a society and a generation of youth who will fight against violence, pressure, discrimination, abuse of human dignity and constitutional rights. We should stay together and our voices should be heard in this world. The youth are the future!

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New members of November

NOV 2016

 The following are messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: National Federation of Youth NGO, Nai Umeed Welfare Organization, Peace T.A.Y.O (To All Youth Organization), Young Generation Chinese Indonesian in Medan

1) Nepal / National Federation of Youth NGO


 I, on behalf of IPYG, thank you very much for cooperation with IPYG. We are sincerely touched by what we have seen during the 2nd Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit Peace Festival. Sincerely, we want to combine our strength together to fulfill our goal. We are prepared and ready for IPYG and NFYN, and look forward to working together to bring ultimate peace in the world.


2) Pakistan / Nai Umeed Welfare Organization

 We are Nai Umeed Welfare organization. We appreciate to your great concern to have affiliation with you. We hope we will keep on working together and time to time share the activities made. We again thank to be a part of IPYG and hope to work for peace and humanity with you till long.


3) Philippines / Peace T.A.Y.O (To All Youth Organization)


4) Indonesia / Young Generation Chinese Indonesian in Medan

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New members of July

JUL 2016

Following are the messages from our new affiliates who have joined us this month: Horus foundation for Development and training, Dawsha, Youth for Peace, Malaysian Indian Youth Council, and KompociFiatalokTarsasaga


1)    Horus foundation for Development and training/EGYPT
I am very pleased to be a member with IPYG and within a global movement calling for peace and the rejection of the war. I think we being in a partnership with you will support this issue and always strive to be the one with the partners and other allies. With IPYG, we want to work together to support peace in Egypt and all over the world. We need to adopt this issues to put it in the NGOs agenda in Egypt, and the world peace need us to unite as one, working, sharing and producing together.





2)    Dawsha/EGYPT
I would like to show my appreciation and happiness for becoming a member of multinational and powerful organization like IPYG and wish I can add to the world peace through such partnership. Let's make the world better place to live. Let's finish the war and struggle between the nations. Let's make a great future to the youth. I want to get benefit to my youth country be the workshop and activities that increase the awareness and knowledge of the world peace.







3)    Youth for Peace/Timor-Leste
Hello, my name is Adolfo and I am working in Timor-Leste with IPYG to create peace in my country. I would like to say “let us make the people and nations become one and create a peaceful world for all of us to live.” My futures activity that I have planned is to promote HWPL’s Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to the community to know and understand. Other activities that I have are to develop and prepare the youth to become journalists and video recorders to record the message of peace and share these to the community. Also, I will train the students and youth with the combination of peace and music to share this music of peace to help the people to learn about peace.




4)    Malaysian Indian Youth Council/Malaysia
Peace may not be a finite concept, or the easiest road to take, but it is a quality that every person has within them. Affiliate with IPYG help to plant new seeds of peace, but also to nurture those that are innate in every human, and ready to grow in every young mind.








5)    KompociFiatalokTarsasaga/Hungary
I am very glad to be a family member of IPYG. I am also proud from a small town, like Kömpöc which will be part of an international cooperation. I believe that our work brings results so far. I really appreciate the support of the unselfished, helpful Korean peace messengers. So in the future we can use our slogan: WE YOUTHS, SHARE the love given from above. GATHER as one. PRODUCE works of true peace.


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