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2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit Peace that We Build Together

OCT 2016

On 17-19 September 2014, HWPL hosted the World Alliance of Religion's Peace (WARP) Summit for the sole purpose – world peace and cessation of war. To resolve the root causes of conflict, HWPL has focused on an international legal document that would prevent the outbreak of war and on the alliance of religions. In 2015, at the 1st Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit, the HWPL International Law Peace Committee was launched and began in earnest to draft the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) proclaimed on 14 March this year. The WARP Summit 2016 has motivated global citizens to acknowledge the valuable principles delineated in the Declaration and actively advocate for its future adoption by all people and States. The spirit of peace surrounded by the culture of heaven brought together the collective wishes of all humanity, the sustainable solutions for world peace.


Saturday, 17 September 


Advocacy Forum for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War: Plan of Action for Advocacy to Intergovernmental Organizations, Governments, and the Public.

The WARP Summit 2016 began with the Advocacy Forum the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War to discuss effective strategies and practical plans of action to raise awareness and interest in the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War among intergovernmental organizations, governments, and the public and to urge each sector to support and contribute to the implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. In one session, a representative of the youth, Ms. Ediola Pashollari from the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), gave a speech where she expressed her determination to advocate the implementation of the DPCW and emphasized the youth’s role in achieving peace.

The 4th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting

For the purpose of introducing the Declaration of Peace of War (DPCW) to United Nations, the 4th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting was held simultaneously. Built on mutual respect and cooperation for the international coexistence in a community of peace, the meeting gathered the world’s leaders, who were separated into three groups based on their respective areas of expertise. All HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meetings began with an explanation by committee members regarding the core principles of DPCW, as well as a presentation of the possibility of developing the Declaration. At the Panel Discussion, specifically, the necessity of multi-level cooperation by international leaders, nations, and civic society for the introduction of the DPCW to the UN was emphasized. A lively discussion followed on spreading a culture of peace through the DPCW and peace education. 

International Religious Leaders Conference

During Religious Leaders Meeting for Solidarity in Truth, over 200 leaders representing 16 religions gathered to discuss the necessity of seeking trustworthy scripture and to reaffirm their solidarity to be active proponents of achieving peace as religious leaders.

Media Forum

The Media Forum for Advocacy of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War was attended by journalists from about 30 media outlets, including Al Jazeera of Qatar, United Nations Correspondents Association, and CCTV of China. During the forum, the journalists discussed how to effectively promote the DPCW in each continent. 


Sunday, 18 September 

Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit 

On the second day, the 18th, a large-scale peace festival was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, with 100,000 in attendance. The festival began with an opening ceremony, followed by commemorative addresses of HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee and distinguished guests. Special performances caught the eyes of the audience, and the highlight was the Card Section performed by 11,440 youth members of the IPYG on the theme of “War and Peace.” Also, athletic events were held to celebrate the Olympic peace, the spirit of cessation of hostilities, and a mass game performance demonstrated the yearning for peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. The peace festival presented the audience with spectacular moments that cannot be witnessed elsewhere. 


Monday, 19 September 

Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

On the last day of event, the 19th, at Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, while being attended by nearly 1,000 participants, including heads of state, decision-makers, IGOs, NGOs, and faith-based organizations, the presentation of the precise plan of action for all sectors drew a practical approach to this year’s Summit’s goal: Advocacy of the global legislation of peace inspired by the DPCW. The tangible results gained from the various sessions held on the 17th were thoroughly discussed and people were reminded of their astonishing experiences of the spirit of peace at the Peace Festival at Seoul Stadium the day before. Juan Pablo Celis Garcia, Delegate to the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the United Nations, said “International, national and local communities must find ways to effectively channel, strengthen, support, and expand young people’s desire to contribute to constructive change and to offer meaningful service to the global society. I encourage you to participate, join the discussion and be part of the decision-making process. Contact your Government, advocate for peace in your communities, and participate in the work of international organizations.”

2016 IWPG Network Forum

The 2016 IWPG Network Forum was held, where over 1,000 women leaders in South Korea and abroad gathered and united in their determination to urge for the implementation of the DPCW.  


HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, the host of the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit, emphasized that peace cannot be achieved by a single individual but everyone should put their hearts and minds together to create a peaceful world that is free of war. Chairman Lee also said, “Let us urge heads of state and religious leaders around the world to fulfill their promises. Let us urge them to sign their support for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, consisting of 10 articles and 38 clauses, and let us sign our support as well. This is the way to love the world and all the people, like the light, rain, and air of the heavens. This is true politics and true religion; this is true love and peace.”

Voices calling out for peace over the three days in Seoul have touched the hearts of people not only in Korea but throughout the world. In hopes of opening an era of peace and cessation of war quickly, the family of peace is actively advocating the implementation of the DPCW.  

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HWPL International Law Peace Advocacy Committee activities in the first half of the year

JUL 2016

HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee activities for developing the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) into an international legally binding document

    Advocacy activities to make the DPCW known to the world and to develop the DPCW into an international legally binding document are being actively carried out by the citizens of the world with the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee at the center

There are 68 branches of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee in 39 nations, as of late July 2016, consisting of youth and women who desperately long for an international law that will cease all wars and settle the culture of peace. Those branches of committee held several seminars introducing the importance of the DPCW in Romania, Philippines, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, India and China, and Peace Walks in a hope of implementing the DPCW in Ethiopia, Botswana, Hungary, Chicago and Sri Lanka. Especially, the Legislate Peace Campaign, the highlight among all of advocacy activities, were held in all parts of the world including Australia, Tunisia, France, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Georgia, England, El Salvador, South Africa, America, Germany and so on. Signatures in support of the DPCW were collected during the campaign and numbered more than 516,000 as of late July. 
Among various advocacy activities, an advocacy campaign in Iraq was notable indeed. The Chairman and the members of Alrasheed Youth Campaign, an NGO in Iraq, hosted an advocacy campaign and collected signatures in support of the DPCW for 8 hours in refugee camps around the region. Even in the midst of dangers of armed terrorist organizations and other forms of dangers, they achieved to receive more than 730 signatures after long hours of campaign. Also, they promised that they will actively cooperate with HWPL in realizing the practical peace in the world.


News on the active advocacy activities of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee are being widely broadcasted all over the world. Below is an excerpt from a news article reported in Romania. 
“On the very day at the event, to let the world aware of “The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War” 180 prominent leaders from diverse sectors including women, youth and media were gathered. At 5 o’clock, at the Independence Boulevard street, there was a graffiti drawn to symbolize peace. Including AsociatiaDiabeticilor Din Prahova, Un strop de fericire, and RafinariaPetrotel Lukoil, a number of organizations continued to march to show their desire for peace and a strong willingness that there should be no more war."


Likewise, it was possible to gather all the scattered voices of the public and to seek out and initiate practical method for advocacy through alliances of civic organizations within each country. Also, international activities along with domestic activities are adding momentum in the advocacy activities. The HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee is carrying out signing campaigns in support of the DPCW and expanding the advocacy activities worldwide, initiating a global cooperation among the leaders of each nation. We hope that the DPCW, implementation of which has seemingly been indefinite, will get active and effective supports from peace/youth organizations and citizens so that it could genuinely become an international legally binding document that will realize bring peace and cessation of war to the 7 billion global family.

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the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk

JUN 2016

On 25 May 2016, the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and the Peace Walk, an international event to commemorate the proclamation of the Declaration of World Peace presented by the Chairman of HWPL, was held at the World Peace Gate in Seoul Olympic Park. The Declaration of World Peace calls everyone to work to further the cause of world peace, making it a reality in their direct environments.

Cities, countries, and organizations around the world are annually holding the commemorative ceremonies and the peace walks. This particular year, 300,000 people gathered simultaneously in hundreds of cities and 105 peace walks are being held in 52 nations.

This year’s commemoration highlighted the global peace advocacy movement, Legislate Peace Campaign, recently launched to bring all wars to an end by establishing an enforceable law compatible with the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

Ecuador Earthquake Donation booths were located throughout the commemoration under the theme of “Your Help Brings New Life to Ecuador.” Ambassador Jorge Alberto ICAZA, Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul General of Ecuador in Korea, attended and gave a congratulatory remark. All donations made in hopes of fastest recovery of the nation during this event will be donated to Ecuador through the Embassy of Ecuador to Korea.

What is the Legislate Peace Campaign’?

The Legislate Peace Campaign is a global peace advocacy movement which aims to bring all wars to an end and spread a culture of peace by establishing an enforceable law compatible with the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW). The strength of the DPCW lies in its representation of the voice of all those yearning for peace, calling on States to protect their rights to enjoy peaceful lives. The DPCW not only respects and builds on existing international legal documents but also promotes united efforts of States to reduce war potential, repurpose weapons to benefit humanity, and foster religious freedom. This Declaration is unique in that it includes provisions aimed at resolving conflicts, especially those attributed to religious causes, through peaceful means and inviting youth, women, and all citizens to participate in the active promotion of a lasting culture of peace.

Thus, we call on global citizens to unite as one to voice our positive demand for peace by adding their signature to the Legislate Peace Campaign. We appeal to citizens to encourage their local governments, including city mayors, state governors, as well as heads of state to write letters of support for the DPCW with a spirit of a deep-seated love for the people of their country. Finally, we call on world leaders and governments to make and enforce a law based on the principles of the DPCW. When such law is fully followed by all countries and peoples, our world will soon have peace and cessation of war. Let us Legislate Peace. Sign Your Support.

The full text of the Declaration and its explanation booklet are available at www.peacelaw.org.

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Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

MAY 2016

On the 14th of March, over 1,000 renowned figures from all over the world including heads of state, legal representatives, media, youth and women’s organizations convened at the COEX Auditorium for the Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

The proclamation ceremony had been arranged to proclaim and commemorate the Declaration first conceived by Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL and drafted by the HWPL International Law Peace Committee who contributed their expertise and efforts into developing the Declaration through in-depth discussions and conferences. The proclamation ceremony also served as a platform to initiate the development process of the Declaration into an enforceable International Law, bringing forth a world without wars.

Chairman Lee of HWPL presented the completed articles of the Declaration which include the prohibition of: the threat or use of force; reduction of war potential; and dispute settlement; freedom of religion; as well as spreading a culture of peace. This Declaration is expected to act as a powerful and ground-breaking tool to dispose of all means that initiate war and armed conflicts, thus further attaining humanity's fundamental goal, peace.

Although HWPL and its counterparts are paving the way for the world to encounter unparalleled changes, it is up to every individual to recognize their undisputable rights to enjoy peace and their responsibility, as youth and women around the world have begun to gather pledges of support through signing campaigns to urge for a world where the lives of all youth and women may bloom without having to encounter the tragedy of war.

 [Core elements of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War]



















Initiatives to Gather Support from All around the World for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

HWPL has begun to gather people’s support for the Declaration through online and offline signing campaigns. As part of the initiative, the day after the Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration on Peace and Cessation of War, IPYG and IWPG, as the two wings of HWPL, co-hosted a Discussion on the Activity Plans of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee for the Implementation of the International Law on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace and also inaugurated the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee in an effort to effectively support and lead the process of developing the Declaration into an enforceable international law. The HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee is to be established across the globe promoting the Declaration to the public and urging for its implementation in their respective regions. 

        The following is the action plan for the advocacy activities of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee:


        1_Establishing the Presence of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee:

By engaging more youth and women’s organizations, the committee will promote the Declaration and contribute towards the advancement of peace, starting from their respective communities.


        2_Promotion Activities and Signing Campaigns:

The committee will publicly promote the need to establish the Declaration as a law in their respective countries and urge the online and offline signing campaigns through social media, workshops, school education etc.


        3_Urging Heads and Decision-makers of States:

By delivering the signatures of millions of people gathered through online/offline signing campaigns, the committee will urge the heads and the decision-makers of their respective nation to support and acknowledge what is stated in the Declaration.


        4_Developing the Declaration into an International Law:

The members of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee will lead the process of developing the Declaration into an enforceable and effective international law by advocating and petitioning their own government for the law to be added in their respective nation.


        5_Peace Education and Monitoring:

The youth and the women of the world will work, hand in hand to monitor and ensure that the Declaration is widely accepted and acknowledged through peace education at schools, universities and in public and private institutions. HWPL’s peace initiatives are already being incorporated into the school curricula of the HWPL Peace Academies all over the world.


Pledges gathered in support of the Declaration will represent the voices of the citizens in the respective nations and be the core power to establish the international law for the cessation of war. You can also join the movement by visiting the Pledge page at peacelaw.org or the offline signing campaigns hosted in your region.

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